DayZ: How to Add MODDED Items to Your Trader (2020)

This Guide will walk you through the entire process of adding custom items to your Server’s Trader Mod.   Part 1 – Download and install the Mod THIS GUIDE ASSUMES YOU ALREADY HAVE CF (Community Framework) AND the TRADER MOD installed For this Guide, I will use Munghards Item Pack as an example. Workshop link: MunghardsItempack  […]

Dayz – All You Should Know Before You Start

DayZ is an authentic, open world sandbox online game The background of the game was established in The post-soviet country of Chernarus where is struck by an unknown virus, turning the majority population into frenzied infected. The main goal of the game is to survive by all means. DayZ newbie must see the strategy, including […]

Dayz-How to Cure Sick Status and All Sick Status Details

All sickness is survivable, Drinking gasoline, raw food, unclean water etc… can all cause sickness.   Symptom: vomiting Causes: Overeating, eating too much food. Treatment: Stop eating food and let your stomach digest food well.   Symptom: Mild food poisoning「I’m feeling nauseous.」 Causes: A 75% chance of eating corrupt food, or a 50% chance of […]

Dayz – How to Repair Vehicles

Repairing vehicles can be tiresome, But vehicles is important for looting resources. Here is how to repair a vehicle. 1.Of course you need to find a car first. Then check the condition as for the image below, on the lower left corner status bar, the first one is your gear position, the second is your […]

DayZ Blood Chart and Types Guide

Blood is a very vital part of a player’s health in DayZ game and the blood types in the game are identical to reality. Let’s look at the blood chart in the game. *Note: Your blood will changes when you are die.   Here is the DayZ game blood chart guide on YouTube below