Dead Age 2: Hints & Tips and Infos

Dead Age 2 Hints, Tips, Infos (time of the guide written: March 23rd 2021 … so things might change with future patches; also includes Spoilers for choices/achievements, farther please note that English isn’t my mother language and this is my first try at a small guide, thank you)

Experience Table

Level 1 to Level 2: 150 EXP
Level 2 to Level 3: 220 EXP
Level 3 to Level 4: 350 EXP
Level 4 to Level 5: 500 EXP
Level 5 to Level 6: 1000 EXP
Level 6 to Level 7: 1750 EXP
Level 7 to Level 8: 2500 EXP
Level 8 to Level 9: 3500 EXP
Level 9 to Level 10: 5000 EXP
Level 10 to Level 11: 7500 EXP
Level 11 to Level 12: 10000 EXP
Level 12 to Level 13: 13500 EXP
Level 13 to Level 14: 15000 EXP
Level 14 to Level 15: 18000 EXP

… still grinding? Respect! 😉

Starting skills of characters

Bladed Weapons: 5
Pistol: 5
Alertness: 3
Survival: 1

Handywork: 5
Biology: 3
Bladed Weapon: 5
Alertness: 1

Blunt Weapons: 1
Engineer: 5
Shotgun: 5
Handywork: 3

Bladed Weapons: 1
Hunting: 5
Rifle: 5
Survival: 3

Bladed Weapons: 5
Engineer: 5
Pistol: 5
Alertness: 5

Blunt Weapons: 3
Pistol: 3

Blunt Wapons: 3
Pistol: 4
Alertness: 1
Biology: 1
Survival: 1

Blunt Weapons: 5
Rifle: 5
Alertness: 5


Important choices to make in the game in order for permanent discounted traveling:

For subway discount use the choice BUSINESSMAN.
For yacht discount use the choice SAILOR.

Other choices (less relevant):

When you lie to Terence use the choice SCAVENGERS.

First choice with Lana try BETTER NATURE (as FLIRT does nothing at all).
Second choice with Lana (Terence mission) use FLIRT for 3 extra scrap.

At Joseph use SENSE OF DUTY for 3 extra scrap.

When Kira raids your base in the beginning, use the option to pay them for an extra +10 standing with the smuggler faction.
Don’t try to flirt with Kira, it’s no use on her.
When you meet Kira at Jimmy’s base use APOLOGIZE for extra standing with the smugglers.

Good & Bad Deeds

GOOD & BAD deeds (for achievement purposes):

There are 3 events in the game that count either as good or as bad deeds.

– Sparing Terence either by choosing directly so or by entering his room without having a weapon equipped on the main character (unequip right after zombie fight) will both count as a good deed. The last one without weapon will even give you an extra medal/achievement. Killing Terence counts as a bad deed.

– Bringing the kidnapped doctor to Freedom City West counts as a good deed, bringing her to Trevor in Forest Grave instead will count as a bad deed.

– Revealing Jamal as the spy to the US army counts as bad deed, not doing so will result in a good deed.

– Saving Abraham seems to count as an additional 4th good deed if things go wrong somewhere on the way, though it seems that betraying him at the bridge doesn’t count as a bad deed strangely enough.

Bridge repair costs


30 Materials, 4 Scrap



It seems there are 11 Villa/Bunkers in the game that need a standard keycard (you can find them as random loot or buying them for 60 Dollar from Tracy in the Smuggler HQ. If you want to be on the safe side buy 12 of them, especially when you don’t alliance with the smugglers as it will be harder to get keycards afterwards without Tracy to sell them to you. She always sells a stack of 3 before waiting for a new delivery, so make sure to buy them each time you visit 4 times if you plan to visit all villa/bunkers in the game. The villa/bunkers are all on the far outskirts of the map. The enemies there are usually harder (even mutations at times) but you will find better (randomized) loot.

Runs for medals/achievements

With good planning all achievements/medals can be earned in 3 playthroughs (1 with good deeds and a romance, 1 with bad deeds without a romance, 1 loosing by not having an alliance in time).

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