Dead by Daylight: How to Be a Chest God

A detailed guide on how to become a chest god, like me.


Pre-Match Essentials

Before the start of the match, make sure you have these things equipped.

-Plunderer’s Instinct
-Ace in the hole
-Nothing. Don’t bring anything
Offering (your choice between the 2)
-Shiny Coin
-Tarnished Coin

#1 Rule of Chest Plundering

Don’t DC if the killer brought a scratched/cut coin, but make fun of them in the end game chat for bringing such a useless offering even though that offering just drastically affected your entire playstyle to the point of just being 2 perk slots down.

The Start of the Match

At the beginning of the match while your camera is turning, always check for chests around you using Plunderer’s Instinct. If there is a chest, run directly to it and open it. If one of your teammates brought Leader, have them follow you for that sweet 25% increased chest searching speed. If your heart starts beating, commit to the chest, unless the killer is right on your tail, then run. If you have brought Ace in the Hole, any items you get out of a chest will have an addon automatically equipped to them, so use this to your advantage and open every chest before your greedy teammates can nab it from you.

Team Comm games.

Always tell your voice call-mates that you’re going for a chest. But if you do, you have to say a very specific phrase, that being “Hey, look! A chest!” every single time. The point of being a chest god is to ignore your objective and still get objective points for it, so annoy as many people as you can and always be proud doing it.

The Chase

If you start getting chased by the killer, make sure you run directly towards your teammates so that they’ll start getting attacked and you can return to looting your chests. Drop as many pallets as you need in order to get to your teammates so they get killed instead of you. This can work even better if the killer brought a mori.

The items you get before a chase starts can also differentiate your play style, leading to hundreds of different combinations. If you get a flashlight, blind the killer at every opportunity you get which is what you SHOULD be doing even if you aren’t looting chests the whole game. If you get a medkit and aren’t playing against a Huntress, Clown, Demogorgon, Nurse, Doctor, or Deathslinger, make sure you heal at every opportunity you get so in the off chance you can actually fully heal yourself during a chase, you can make killers very upset and maybe disconnect. If you get a toolbox, sabo hooks after stunning a killer because saboing is incredibly fast and aggravating now. If you get a map, you’re screwed. If you get a hatch key and the chase takes you near the hatch, jump in and win instantly, sure it might kill your teammates but at least you won!

Pro strats for looting

-If there is a chest near you, along with a generator, ignore the generator. It’s just an obstacle on
your way to chest divinity. Open the chest. If you don’t open it, you’ll live the rest of your life without
knowing what was in that chest.

-If your teammate is hooked near a chest, open the chest then save your teammate. Most killers will
come back to the hook immediately, so you want to get your item so you can run away with it
before the killer comes back, and if your teammate dies on the hook, it’s their fault for getting
hooked, so don’t feel bad and make sure to tell your dead teammate that it’s their fault for dying in
the post game chat.

-If you get a hatch key in a chest, which you most likely will chances are your teammates won’t
know unless you’re in voice comms, so make sure you let your teammates die instead of you so
that you have a chance of winning.

-If you find the hatch and have a key, make no attempt to make your teammates follow you because
they wont because they’re stupid.

-Randoms are practically already dead, so don’t bother doing anything with them.

-Obviously, hatch keys can open the hatch and let you win instantly, even if the killer has closed the

Items you get.

The items you get from chests are completely random, however, using Plunderer’s Instinct increases your chances of finding better items, like a purple flashlight or hatch key. Coupling that with Ace in the Hole, this gives you a high chance of getting rarer items with addons automatically attached. You can get Flashlights, Medkits, Toolboxes, Keys, and Maps from chests, and if an event is going on, you can also get some special event items like firecrackers and the special Halloween items, however, those items already have an incredibly high drop chance during each one’s respective event, so during events, I don’t recommend bringing Ace in the Hole (as fire crackers/party starters cannot have addons), except during Halloween, where the special items from that event can have addons.

You’re all set.

Now you know everything you need to know to become a chest god like yours truly. Use this power I have taught you to do great things, like search chests, and also search chests. See you in the fog. Hopefully searching a chest.

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