Dead by Daylight: How To Hide From The Killer

This guide was made by an MLG PRO and will teach you how to have ABSOLUTELY PRO stealth and hide from the NOOB KILLER (any killer lol).


Way #1

So the BEST way is this one, you can basically crouch and hide behind cars and big objects of your size and follow your camera with the killer and walk in the opposite way slowly and all by crouching.

(Somthing like this but also walk around the car so the killer won’t see you)

THEN BOOM. Start running away from the killer in the opposite direction, if you still do not want to be heard, keep crouching or just walking).

PRO TIP: Remember that the killer has FIRST PERSON VIEW, that means that even if you are directly behind him, he has to turn and look down at you to see you or else he wont.

Way #2

Now this EPIC way is also kinda risky since there exists perks that help the killers locate you while executing it.

Just hide in the closets (or lockers) and just wait. Be careful as crows might decide to be annoying and camp on top of those closets, just so you can come out of them and they make a LOUD A$$ noice and alert the killer.


Way #3 (Best for Nea Karlsson)

BTW Nea Karlsson is my favorite survivor from the game

SOOOO way #3 requires Nea Karlsson to be used, thats because she has a specific perk called “Urban Evasion”.

(the Urban Evasion perk)

this perk also has 3 tiers:

I actually am using this perk and its extremely helpful.

Way #4 (Best for Jake Park)

Now this is EXCLUSIVELY for the survivor Jake Park. When unlocking this perk (which is actually pretty good), the noises you make while being injured (the moans and stuff (xD)), are reduced more and more the bigger the tier of this perk is.

(the Iron Will perk)

Also here are the 3 tiers:

AS YOU SEE, tier 3 is the best one its literally SO HELPFUL.

Way #5

Just hide behind completed generators, I don’t know why but it works. The killer will have a hard time finding you, but also they wont think to check there? I MEAN, WHO GONNA GO HIDE BEHIND A COMPLETED GENERATOR, RIGHT?

(pls ignore the watermark)

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