Dead by Daylight: How to Be a Chest God

A detailed guide on how to become a chest god, like me.   Pre-Match Essentials Before the start of the match, make sure you have these things equipped. Perks -Plunderer’s Instinct -Ace in the hole Items -Nothing. Don’t bring anything Offering (your choice between the 2) -Shiny Coin -Tarnished Coin #1 Rule of Chest Plundering […]

Dead by Daylight: How To Hide From The Killer

This guide was made by an MLG PRO and will teach you how to have ABSOLUTELY PRO stealth and hide from the NOOB KILLER (any killer lol).   Way #1 So the BEST way is this one, you can basically crouch and hide behind cars and big objects of your size and follow your camera with the killer and walk in the […]