Dead Island Definitive Edition: How to Disable Chromatic Aberration

A simple and quick way to completely disable chromatic aberration, without any graphical artifacts or glitches caused by other methods.


When I first started playing this game, I ran into an annoying problem that many others have encountered: While the game has an option to disable chromatic aberration, it turns itself back on every time there’s a loading screen. The only available fix uses files from a mod for Dying Light which causes some graphical glitches, and also completely failed to do anything about the chromatic aberration for me. So I decided to look into fixing it myself and found a much cleaner solution.

How To
  1. Install 7-Zip[]
  2. Open up the game install directory: 
  3. Open up the DI directory and find Data0.pak. Open this file in 7-Zip.
  4. In 7-Zip, open up the data directory, then the scripts directory and find the file varlist_main.scr. Right click on the file and select Edit.
  5. This will open Notepad. Search for the phrase “aberration” to find the appropriate line.
  6. Replace the number 1.0 at the end of the line with 0.0 and save the file.
  7. Close Notepad and go back to 7-Zip. It will prompt you to update the archive. Click OK.
  8. Start up the game and enjoy no longer needing to repeatedly turn chromatic aberration back off!

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