Dead Space™ 3: Higher FPS Guide (Config Setting)

A short guide for setting a config to get higher FPS

Author Note: I use this config on my GPU-less potato PC to play the game, works fairly well.


1. Config file location

The file in which the game settings are saved is in this directory:
C: \Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Local\EA Games\Dead Space 3\ -Here are all the files-

There´s 3 files in this folder:
system.txt <– This is the one we want

2. Editing the file

Before you touch anything, make a backup for the system.txt file.
To do so, click it, press Ctrl + C and then Ctrl + V

After making the backup open the original file, delete everything and paste this: *

Audio.MusicVol = 1.00000000
Audio.Output = 0
Audio.SFXVol = 1.00000000
Audio.Subtitles = true
Audio.VoiceVol = 1.00000000
Misc.MaxJobThreads = -1
QualityOptions.AAMode = 0
QualityOptions.ActorMotionBlur = false
QualityOptions.Aniso = 1
QualityOptions.Bloom = false
QualityOptions.Blur = false
QualityOptions.ConfigType = 1
QualityOptions.Decals = false
QualityOptions.Distortion = false
QualityOptions.DoF = false
QualityOptions.Flare = true
QualityOptions.Glow = false
QualityOptions.HighLightQuality = false
QualityOptions.LightingAccQuality = false
QualityOptions.ManipColor = false
QualityOptions.ShaderQuality = 0
QualityOptions.Shadows = 0
QualityOptions.SSAO2 = false
QualityOptions.SSR = false
Window.Border = false
Window.FOVScale = 1.2
Window.Fullscreen = false
Window.Gamma = 0.65000000
Window.Height = 360
Window.Hz = 60
Window.Left = 0
Window.State = 2
Window.Top = 0
Window.TopMost = false
Window.VSync = false
Window.WideScreen = false
Window.Width = 600
Antes de que toques cualquier cosa y hagas cagada hace una copia de seguridad del archivo system.txt (la verdad no hace falta porque si borras el archivo el juego te crea otro pero queseyo).

3. Final step

After closing and saving the system.txt file, right click it and select properties. In the properties tab click the “Read only” checkbox, apply and close.

Thanks to Zorro for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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