Death end re;Quest 2 Walkthrough (FAQ & Achievements & Endings)

Estimated Difficulty: 1/10

  • Can Mai solo on Easy to take all challenge out of the game

Approximate time: 15-30 hours

  • Depending on reading speed
  • 3.5-7 hours if skipping cutscenes

Minimum number of playthroughs: 2 including reloading

Disclaimer: I’m never updating this guide so hopefully it stays accurate.
Disclaimer 2: I may update it some though


Q: Where is the enemy for Small Boss 2?
A: Random spawn with the little green guys in shopping arcade.

Q: Where is the shop?
A: Go to camp (use the save crystal) and interact with the bell.

Q: How to do missions?
A: See above. You have to accept missions from shop guy before progress is tracked.

Q: I let [character] die! Can I still get true end?
A: Yes.

Q: What is the event on 2/14 that I’m missing?
A: No clue, I can’t get it either.

Q: Same but for 1/30, 1/31, 2/01, 2/02 etc.
A: Still no clue how to get them.

Q: Why is my menu bugged?
A: Well beta tested game, its a feature deal with it.

Q: Why did Deus not give invuln?
A: Its a feature. (Sometimes happens on missing last hit of Deus, hitting invuln targets with Deus, using Innovation before Deus).

Q: How do I hit the evasion buggers consistently?
A: You don’t.

Q: [Enemy] is really tanky, I do single digit damage, how do I kill it?
A: Glitch attacks.

Q: How does flash drive work?
A: (Probably) Some skills have derivative skills, if you use the skill the derivative has a chance to unlock through flash drive. Combo does not matter. E.x. Starwell -> Starwell -> Starwell can unlock Luna Gundoll, Starwell -> Metil -> Metil can also unlock Luna Gundoll.

Disclaimer: Questions may have been asked 1 or less times


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The Times They Are A-Changin’

Let Me See You DERQ
You will get this normally.

Nobody Expects the Knock Blow
You will get this normally. If not, you can (probably) activate knockblow by pressing A or the keyboard equivalent when an enemy is about to collide with a character.

She’s a Pinball Wizard!
You will get this normally.

Brain Blast
You will get this normally.

Break Ya Neck
You will get this normally. Super Knockback (and Super Knockblow) can also be activated 100% of the time by pressing A or the keyboard equivalent at the right time during the knockback animation.

Wordsworth Scouts Assocation
You will get this normally. It’s at the save crystal if you don’t know where it is.

Chaos Intro
You will get this normally.

Chaos Finale
You will probably get this normally. If not, just go to rural pasture (or anywhere really) and symbol attack, walk on field bugs, escape, repeat.

We Don’t Need No Education
Just don’t skip the classmate events by ending day early.

Through the Looking Glass
Probably unmissable by the time you get all endings and death ends.

No Pain, No Gain
Pain Area is directly to the right of the first save crystal of the game, just interact with the phone. Ao Oni himself is easily beatable by Mai soloing and doing Studbull -> Rovidbull -> Deus every turn.

Ao Oni Player
Same phone as Pain Area, just playing it once is enough.

The Monarch Adventurer!
You get this through leveling.

Lucil, I’m Home!
You get this through leveling.

The Red Peddler
You do NOT get this through leveling. Use flash drive or autobattle and pray.

Al’s Our Pal
You do NOT get this through leveling. Use flash drive or autobattle and pray.

The Queen of Heartis
You do NOT get this through leveling. Use flash drive or autobattle and pray.

Heaven’s Messenger
You get this through leveling.

The Exorcist
You get this through leveling.

Stop, Drop, and Rottie
You get this through leveling.

Mai, Oh, Mai!
You (probably) get this through leveling.

The Past and the Pending
Simply don’t lose any of the chapter 10 cutscene fights. Nothing else matters.

Glutton for Punishment
Do true end on a NG+ file.

Hail Marbas!
Lose to the first cutscene fight in chapter 10 (4 butterflies).

You (probably) have this by the time you do everything else.

DERQ DERQ Goose! You Win!
Open episode chart after you have all other achievements.

God of Death
See below.

Death Ends

Discord attachments because I don’t know how to format.
Update: there’s images now because someone capable was added as a contributor


Don’t insert USB


Put out fire -> Wait for Liliana


Get closer


Search for Abby -> Go back


Call out


For the truth.


Rest a bit -> Go to next event on map

Ending Guide

In case achievements section was not clear enough.

True End:

  • Reach chapter 10.
  • Beat chapter 10, absolutely do not lose the fight where you do not have Mai.
  • True End get.
  • No decisions before this point mattered.

Fallen End:

  • Reach chapter 10.
  • Lose to the 4 butterflies in chapter 10 (the fight without Mai).
  • Beat up Julietta.
  • Fallen End get.
  • No decisions before this point matter.
  • If this doesn’t work, try again with all Death Ends seen. Having none worked for me but my save files might be ♥♥♥♥ed.

EX End:

  • Do True End on NG+
  • EX End get.


Step 1: Beat the game however you want, making any decisions you want. Get True End since its easier.
Step 2: Reach chapter 4 in NG+.
Step 3: Clear Pain Area. Mai solo is a viable (and easier) strategy for Ao Oni. Blue Ribbon is your friend. Also attempt the Ao Oni minigame at least once.
Step 4: Reach chapter 10, getting any death ends you missed in first playthrough. Get Al Lily and Clea skills if you didn’t already.
Step 5: Make spare save before final boss.
Step 6: Get Fallen End and EX End by doing their respective steps and reload save for the other.
Step 7: Reload save one more time and open up episode chart.
Step 8: Congratulations on 100%.

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