Death Jump 100% Achievements Guide

This is a quick and easy guide on how to get 100% Achievements in Death Jump.
Takes about 45-60 minutes to fully complete the game and all the achievements are not missable.


Coin Collector Achievement
Money Money Money
Collect 100 Coins

Rich Man
Collect 300 Coins

[You need to have the coins in total in your pocket]

Buy Achievements
Buy the red parachute for 50 Coins

Buy the blue parachute for 100 Coins

Buy the yellow parachute for 200 Coins

Buy the white parachute for 500 Coins

Green Man
Buy the frog skin for 350 cions

You have to collect a total of 1200 coins to buy everything.

In level 11 you can collect 120 coin in a run.
In Level 11 kannst du in einem Lauf 120 Münzen sammeln.

kill the Boss in level 18

Bonus Level (after main Game)
First Bonus
Complete Bonus Levels (level 21-25)

Second Bonus
Complete Bonus Levels (level 26-28)

Third Bonus
Complete Bonus Levels (level 29 & 30)

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