Deep Rock Galactic: How to Transfer Progress Between Steam and Windows 10/XBox/Microsoft Store

This guide will advise how to transfer your progress from Steam to Windows 10/XBox/Microsoft Store and back so you can take your progress between those platforms.

Be aware, updates/changes to the game may cause problems with save file leading to corruption and or progress loss as such you should have a solid understanding of the importance of backing files up to avoid loosing your progress entirely.


Thanks for checking out this guide, I hope it helps you.
Please note that the actions being performed in this guide would not be supported at all by the creators of DRG and as such following this guide may result in the corruption or loss of your character progress.

This is not due to the process detailed here, but rather if game versions are different, or other issues cause direct file compatibility issues between Steam and XBox versions.

Put simply:


As such backing up is VERY important and you should have a good understanding of file navigation.

Hopefully in the future management will allow Steam and Win10/XBox miners to join forces and able to mine together regardless of if they are a pointy eared leaf loving XBox elf of not.


About this guide and why i made it
The only reason this guide exists is because unfortunately, currently DRG players are segmented between Steam and XBox.
No progress is carried over, and the games do not share the same servers it seems.

As I have spent many hours playing DRG having to loose all the progress just so I can play with my friends on XBox makes me more upset then when the only beer left at the bar is Leaf Lover.

Hopefully in the future we will see management allow the connectivity between the platforms, until then the only way to carry your progress across is to copy files around.

Steam – Save file location
Finding the steam save file location is pretty easy:

  1. From your Steam library right click Deep Rock Galactic
  2. Select Properties
  3. Select Local Files tab
  4. Press Browse Local Files button

This should open a windows file explorer window in the folder:
..\Steam\steamapps\common\Deep Rock Galactic

From here go into:
> FSD > Saved > SaveGames

You should now be here:
..\Steam\steamapps\common\Deep Rock Galactic\FSD\Saved\SaveGames

This is the DRG save game folder for the Steam version.

The character file in this folder is:

*Note: I have changed the leading number on the above as I am not sure what relevance it has, your number will be different.

You may notice a few files in here, these are backups that the game also performs so that in the event that an update breaks something support may be able to assist you in recovering your progress.

Recommendation: Change folder View to Details, and sort by Modified date to easily identify the most recent …_Player.sav file

XBox – Save file location
Finding the location of the Windows 10/XBox/Microsoft Store saves is a little trickier as there is no straight shortcut to jump into the location required that I am aware of.

The save files are kept under AppData, this is a folder associated with your windows username thus will be different for everyone.

To quickly get to AppData do the following:

  1. Press Windows Key + R
  2. Type in %appdata%

Alternatively it can normally be found under your C Drive
Under: Users\YourUsername\AppData
*Note: It IS a hidden folder, so you may need to enable viewing of ‘hidden items’ under file explorer.

This will take you to:

Drop back a folder level and the folder we need to get to is:

In this folder will be a folder with a large number, open that folder.
Again another folder with a large number, open that folder.

This is where your save game file is for XBox.
Note: I have change the unique numbers with 1234567890 as I am not sure their relevance.
The folder you should be in now should something like:

*Important note: The XBox save file has no file extension (Steam uses .sav) and is a unique number I beleive.
You will also note that unlike the Steam version there appears to be no extra backup files.

The file with just numbers and letters is the file you will want to copy if you want to transfer your progress to Steam.

Transferring progress – Copying, Renaming
The actual process once you open locate the file locations is pretty straight forward.
I will be referencing file locations moving forward, so if you are not aware where the file locations are, work through the sections above and figure out where your saves are!

Transfer Steam to XBox
  1. Open Steam save file location
  2. Copy most recent 1234567890_Player.sav
  3. Open XBox save file location
  4. Paste Steam save file
  5. Rename XBox save file adding .bak to the end
  6. Rename copied Steam save file to the exact name as the XBox save file, excluding the recently added .bak

Your progress from Steam should now be transferred to XBox.

Transfer XBox to Steam
  1. Open XBox save file location
  2. Copy file 1234567890
  3. Open Steam save file location
  4. Paste XBox save file
  5. Rename Steam 1234567890_Player.sav file changing .sav to .bak at the end
  6. Rename copied XBox save file to the exact name as the Steam save file, ending with .sav so it should be 1234567890_Player.sav

Your progress from XBox should now be transferred to Steam.

The basic process – TL;DR
Here is the basic process:

  1. Locate and copy save file from platform you played last on
  2. Paste copied file into save folder of platform you want to transfer progress to
  3. Rename existing save file for platform you are transferring the save file into
  4. Rename pasted/copied file to the exact same name as the file you renamed
  5. ???
REMINDER: The actions performed in this guide have a potential to corrupt and or destroy your progress.

I hope this helped you in transferring your progress over between these platforms so you do not have to start over again just so you can play alongside your friends on the other platform.


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