DEEP SPACE WAIFU FLAT JUSTICE: How to Remove Censorship Completely (Revert & 18+ Patch)

Here is a guide on how to remove censorship completely, that you will get R 18+ patch for DEEP SPACE WAIFU FLAT JUSTICE game.


Prehistory and General Information
Developer made the girls in the game “Flat Justice” not flat and the art ugly and also tag this game as adult on the store page, but it still requires a “patch”.

This guide will show how you get an earlier version of the game with actually uncensored, flat girls running on Windows & Linux.

Section: Windows
Open this link in your web browser: and download the .zip file of version 2.3.6.
Now right click the downloaded .zip file and press “Extract All” (or similar) and then press enter.

Now you need to follow this link and download the program (x64 or x86 – if not sure use x86).
Run the .exe file and follow the installation through until the end.

Press the Windows key (Most likely between ctrl and left on the left) and the letter r.
In the newly opened window type “cmd” and press enter.

Now type (or paste) the following command, change STEAMUSERNAME with your steam username and STEAMPASSWORD with your steam password and press enter:
“dotnet Downloads\depotdownloader-2.3.6\DepotDownloader.dll -app 639780 -depot 639781 -manifest 6192715577291834533 -username STEAMUSERNAME -password STEAMPASSWORD”

The program may ask you to enter your 2-factor-authentication code.

After that, it will proceed to download the game. Please do not close cmd before it finished the download.

When it finished, please open file explorer and in the address bar type (or paste) “C:\Users\%username%\depots\639781\4309467\Deep Space Waifu Flat Justice_Data”.
Right click in this directory, hover over “New” and click “Text Document” (or similar).
If the new file is named “New Text Document.txt”, please skip ahead to the bold text below, if it is simply called “New Text Document” (without the .txt) please do not skip!

In the explorer window, on the top you should have a button titled “View”. Please press it and in the newly opened area press “Options”.
A new window should pop up and in the top please select “View”. Now untick the box for “Hide extensions for known document types” and click “OK”.

Skip to here!

Rename the file called “New Text Document.txt” to “nude.patch”.

You’re finished. You can now find the game (.exe) in the folder “C:\Users\%username%\depots\639781\4309467\”.

Section: Linux
Since you use Linux, I will assume that you have at least a general knowledge of your OS. I’ll use the apt package manager for this guide, but if you use arch etc. I’m sure you know your equivalent.

$ cd ~
$ wget -O packages-microsoft-prod.deb
$ sudo dpkg -i packages-microsoft-prod.deb
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt install apt-transport-https dotnet-sdk-3.1 unzip wine playonlinux
$ wget
$ mkdir ~/.depotdownloader
$ unzip -d ~/.depotdownloader
$ rm

$ dotnet ~/.depotdownloader/DepotDownloader.dll -app 639780 -depot 639781 -manifest 6192715577291834533 -username STEAMUSERNAME -password STEAMPASSWORD

$ touch ~/depots/639781/4309467/Deep\ Space\ Waifu\ Flat\ Justice_Data/nude.patch

You can find the executable at ~/depots/639781/4309467/Deep Space Waifu Flat Justice.exe.
Use playonlinux to play the game if wine (alone) does not work.

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