Delores A Thimbleweed Park Mini-Adventure: All 30 Assignments Walkthrough

Here is a walkthrough on completing all 30 assignments in Delores: A Thimbleweed Park Mini-Adventure.


All 30 Assignments
Some notes
  • there’s always a package of 5 assignments, when these are handed in, the ‘game’ can be restarted and there will be 5 different assignments
  • the order of the assignment is random to some extent and can differ from playthrough to playthrough
1. Public service piece about picking up trash
  • take photo of trash can next to Post Office (or of bottle in garden behind bookstore)
2. A good example of proximal phalanges
  • take photo of Skeleton in the coroner’s office in the City Hall
3. Photo of the editor of the Nickel News
  • take photo of Natalie at Nickel News
4. Story about the 4th of July
  • take photo of calendar in Post Office
5. Column about Thimbleweed County
  • take photo of Thimbleweed Park sign
6. Story about childhood poverty
  • get Ransome candy dispenser at Quickie Pal
  • give candy dispenser to Chuckie
  • take photo of Chucky
7. Story about road safety
  • take photo of (any) traffic cone
8. Reviews of some new adventure game
  • take photo of mummy at book store
9. Something disgusting
  • enter bathroom at Quickie Pal and exit again
  • talk to Leonard at Quicke Pal: bathroom light switch doesn’t work
  • talk to Natalie at Nickel News: Can I get some office supplies
  • I need some stamps
  • put stamps on electricity bill
  • drop electricity bill in mail drop in post office
  • go to bathroom
  • flip light switch
  • take photo of toilet
10. Piece on the closing of the Edmund Hotel
  • take photo of hotel
11. Story about President Thomas Jefferson
  • pick up bottle behind occult book store
  • hand in bottle at Quickie Pal
  • take photo of coin
12. Action photo of dangerous wildlife
  • take photo of snapping plant at Quickie Pal
13. Puff-piece on Thimblecon ’88
  • take photo of poster behind diner
14. A look at the dead languages of antiquity
  • talk to Madame Morena at occult bookstore: Sign out front says you’re having a blowout sale
  • Climb ladders to the top (both ladders must be moved to the right)
  • Take photo of Learning Fortran book
15. Take a photo of our newest photojournalist
  • take photo of mirror in the bathroom at Quickie Pal
16. Biting piece on rude bank employee
  • read sign at bank
  • take photo of job opening at bank
  • talk to Lenore
  • go to bank, take photo of Lenore
17. Birds-eye view of the town
  • go to occult book store
  • climb ladders (move lower ladder to the right, leave upper ladder where it is)
  • take photo of window
18. Story for the poetry section
  • take photo of poem at 1st floor of occult bookstore
19. Headshot for a story on a celebrity
  • get glass of water from diner
  • fill glass at hydrant (or at the sink at Quickie Pal’s bathroom after repairing it with the screwdriver)
  • use water on poster behind diner
  • remove poster
  • take photo of Ransome poster
20. Story about the latest toy craze
  • take photo of Pillow Bear sign
21. Photo of a person doing a dangerous job
  • pick up screwdriver in the bathroom at Quickie Pal
  • use screwdriver with valve behind diner
  • take photo of fireballs in the diner
22. A hit-piece on the history of the phone
  • read sign at bank
  • take photo of job opening at bank
  • talk to Lenore
  • take photo of phone inside bank
23. Our bad Thimbleweed drinking water quality
  • fill glass at hydrant
  • take photo of glass of water
24. Story on home demolition
  • read sign at bank
  • take photo of job opening at bank
  • talk to Lenore
  • pick up Philipp’s dangerous dövice at bank
  • turn on radio at diner
  • jab radio with screwdriver
  • go to vista
  • activate Philipp’s dangerous dövice
  • take photo of radioactive crater
25. Story about allergies
  • collect 10 specs of dust
  • take photo of 10 specs of dust
26. A story about seeing double
  • go to sheriffs and open left drawer
  • grab key to cell while Sheriff closes drawer
  • talk to Sheriff about becoming a federal agent
  • when you end the dialogue the Sheriff should ask you a favour (Oh,…..can you send me the Coroner?…)
  • open cell with key, turn on radio and leave cell
  • lock cell door when Sheriff is in to turn of radio
  • go to cellar to get the Coroner
  • take picture of Sheriff and coroner in front of cell
27. Government property vandalism
  • use screwdriver on scuffed up mailbox
  • take photo of destroyed mailbox
28. Exposé on the humor of living with cats
  • flip toilet paper at Quickie Pal’s
  • take photo of flipped toilet paper
29. An exposé on Thimbleweeds gambling problem
  • take photo of Lotto display at Quickie Pal’s
30. History of tiny clocks
  • take photo of clock repair sign at Willie’s

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