Destiny 2: Nightmare Locations

Lost Sectors where you can find Nightmares in the EDZ, IO, Titan and Nessus.
Note: These locations are the only locations i have personally confirmed spawn nightmares, If you know of any others please comment below.


European Dead Zone (EDZ) : Widows Walk

In the area of the Trostland landing zone to the north west of the church there is the Windows Walk lost sector. There are 3-5 nightmares inside making this the best Lost Sector to clear.

Io : Grove of Ulan-Tan

The Grove of Ulan-Tan is just north/north-east of the Lost Oasis landing zone on Io.

Titan : Methane Flush

Just to the south-east of the Siren’s Watch landing zone on Titan you will find the Methane Flush lost sector.

Nessus : The Rift

To the west of the Exodus Black landing zone on Nessus you will find The Rift lost sector.
Written by Valar.Morghulis

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