Destiny 2: AMD FPS Guide 2021 (Steam Version)

Here is an FPS Guide for FPS Issues on AMD Products. enjoy the game.   AMD Software Use These Settings! Cap your framerate to your monitors refresh rate. Don’t let your GPU run at the max framerate it can push. This will degrade you’re GPU’s lifespan. Its always good to cap your framerate to ensure […]

Destiny 2: Passive Enhancement Core Farm

Passive Enhancement Core farm from blue armor drops.   How it works The “farm” works because every blue armor drop you get it drops at 5 energy. It also works if you get a legendary armor drop at 5 energy too. Since the drop is at 5 energy there is already 3 cores invested into […]

Destiny 2: Nightmare Locations

Lost Sectors where you can find Nightmares in the EDZ, IO, Titan and Nessus. Note: These locations are the only locations i have personally confirmed spawn nightmares, If you know of any others please comment below.   European Dead Zone (EDZ) : Widows Walk In the area of the Trostland landing zone to the north west of […]