Devolverland Expo: Secret Item Locations (Effects of Finding Everything)

Devolverland Expo is a first-person ‘marketing simulator’ set within an abandoned convention center after the annual Devolver Digital game expo was mysteriously canceled. here is the secret item locations guide for you. feel free to make a comment.

Secret items

Items are listed in the order that you can find them!

Book 1/4:
As soon as you enter the main hall after picking up the guest pass, at the bottom of the stairs to your immediate left.

Teacup 1/4:
Upstairs in the Carrion room.

Bag 1/4:
To the right of the Weird West room’s entrance.

Teacup 2/4:
On the side of the Weird West room.

Book 2/4:
Directly in front of you after riding the small elevator up to the floor above.

Teacup 3/4:
On the table of the room where the credits are playing after bypassing the lasers.

Book 3/4:
A dead end in the vents before falling outside into the next hall.

Book 4/4:
On a table in the Blightbound room.

Bag 2/4:
Hanging off the side of the harpoon for the Olija room.

Bag 3/4:
Near where the Serious Sam trailer is playing.

Teacup 4/4:
Fall guys upstairs section, to the left of the trampoline.

Bag 4/4:
On the statue as you are leaving the Shadow Warrior room.

Effects of finding everything
For each set of secret items collected it’ll change one of the thumbnails on the website page that’s shown once you leave the convention:
Credit to IggyMaid
Devolverland Expo is available to download and play on PC via Steam, for free right now!

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