Disc Space: Tips & Tricks

Learn how to play and make awesome plays.


How to Play
When you start the game, there should already be a tutorial showing you the basic controls of the game.

Move- W(forward) A(left) S(backward) D(right)
Jump- Space bar
Dive- press space bar twice
Chat- Enter
Throw Disk- click mouse(left or right button) OR Q/E
Sprint- Shift
Menu- Esc

And that’s it.

Throwing the Disk
To curve your disk, hold down either button on your mouse and release. The longer you hold, the more curve you will get on the disk. If you press the left button, the disk will curve out left. The opposite happens when you press the right button.
If you use Q or E, the same applies. Simply hold the button and release.
If you do not want a curve on your disk, click either button on the mouse very quickly. The disk will then fly straight towards your target.

Throwing Hammers
You can only throw hammers when you are double teamed. Watch for when this happens. If there are two opposing players close to the player holding the disk, a green arrow will appear above the player holding the disk. If the player throws the disk while they have the arrow above their head, they throw a hammer that is pretty hard for the other team to steal.

How to “Control” the Disk
Controlling the Disk
At this state of the game, a player will always catch the disk, no matter what; whether it is the other team, or the intended target. This being said, no matter where you move, if the disk is thrown to you, there is nothing you can do to get away from it. Use this factor to your advantage. If there is a defender in front of you ready to steal the disk, run another direction to get the disk to come to you on a path that won’t hit the defenders (hopefully you understood all of that). This topic is very hard to explain in typing, so experiment with this yourself.

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