Division 2: How to Change Language

Here is a simple guide on how to change the language in Division 2 game.


What To Do?
1. Go to http://free.ubisoft.com
2. Claim The Division 2 Trial version of the game
3. That’s it, now go to Ubisoft Connect > Click The Division 2 icon > Properties\Settings > Now you should see all supported languages.

Some additional info
1. That worked for CIS region. In theory that should work for everyone.
2. Sometimes you need to check game files in settings of the game (Ubisoft Connect)
3. That should also work for The Division 1 (Steam and Connect), but i didn’t test it (lazybones)
4. That should also work for other titles by Ubisoft with Trial version of the game on this website: http://free.ubisoft.com
Credit to Voilunder

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    (July 22, 2021 - 5:44 am)

    Work perffectly! thank you

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