D’LIRIUM: How to Upload Your Character to the Workshop

Here is a guide on how to create and share your arcade character.


Create character

After completing the story mode , you will gain access to the arcade menu .
In the “Customize character” menu you can crate and customize your character .
After you done with customization use “save charcter” .

Find files

Use Win+R or windows explorer and go to this adres
Here you can find your charactes files .


Open the game folder via steam client interface . Then inside game folder create a new one and name it “UGC” .
Copy the .dchar file you found earlier in to UGC folder (the file with your character name , NOT steam_autocloud.vdf !)
Oh, you also need to create a preview of the workshop item . Name it “promo.jpg” and include it in the UGC folder .


Now go back to the arcade menu and click “Steam WORKSHOP” with your mouse .

You need to chose “Crate item” .

Fill in “Item name” and “Item description” .
Also , you can change “Item visibility” .
If everything is in order, in “Item Tags” you will see “character” .

Hit the “Create item” . Hit “OK” on all messages that the game will be display to you .
After this message appears you can close the game .

Make it visible

If you did not touch “Item visibility” in previous steps , then you need to change visibility from item page via steam client .
That’s it , after a few minutes your character will be visible in the workshop.

Thanks to Grif_on for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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