Doctor Who The Edge of Reality: All Collectables Guide

An ordered list of all (or, some atm) collectables in the game and where to find them!

Note: This guide was created by QuackTeamJames and will update later.


1a – The Laundarette and Office

Within the Laundarette, there is just 1 📃Journal page and 1 🧳Miniscope object to be found (to my knowledge)
When in the launderette:
None found.
When in the office:

  • 🧳The doctor’s iconic ‘?’ umbrella is located to the left of the desk!
  • 📃There’s an Improbable Fact page on the box to the left of the safe.

1b – Dalek Invaded London

In Dalek Invaded London, there are 3 📃Journal pages and 3 🧳Miniscope objects to be found (to my knowledge)
On The Street:
None found
Inside the Reception:

  • 📃Following the room round anti-clockwise from the desk with the key, you can find another journal page on some shelves.
  • 🧳Opposite the shelves with the page, on a hat-stand you can find the ninth doctor’s iconic leather jacket.

The Junkyard:

  • 📃After leaving the decking outside the reception, on top of a group of crates, barrels and bins with a floodlight sitting on them. There’s a journal page resting on one of the crates.

The Container Maze:

  • 🧳From the start where the crane and bus are, walk through the first red container, then the second. Walk around to enter the the red container in-front of you. Then, to your immediate right enter the blue container. Walk a 180 degree turn to your right again will be a green container containing a bowl of familiar food.

Workbench Yard:

  • 📃There’s another journal page right in-front of you as you pass through the arch into the workbench yard.
  • 🧳Turn 180 degrees from the workbench and walk forward. On top a red box there’s a cricket ball for you to find.

2a: Inside the TARDIS

There is only 1 📃Journal page to be found within the TARDIS (to my knowledge)

  • 📃There’s an improbable fact sheet to the right of the doorway on the TARDIS Miniscope.

3a: Lucia Minor – Exterior

In the exterior of Lucia Minor, there are 3 📃Journal pages and 2 🧳Miniscope objects to be found (to my knowledge)
In Daytime Lucia Minor:
None found
At the first campsite where the torch is found:

  • 🧳Resting against the box is a familiar Baseball Bat.
  • 📃There’s another journal page resting in-front of the tent.

At the second side campsite:

  • 🧳There is a familiar guitar at this small campsite.

At the end campsite, if you follow the CyberReaper vision away form the trail:

  • 📃On top of the box here lies another journal entry.

Within the cave at the top of the hill:

  • 📃After entering the cave, travel down some steps to enter the first chamber. On one of the stones in front of you and to the left as you enter this chamber holds a journal page.

3b: Lucia Minor – Interior

In the interior of Lucia Minor, there is 1 📃Journal page is 1 🧳Miniscope object to be found (to my knowledge)
In the opening hallways of the ship:

  • 📃You’ll then come up against the locked door to the bridge. Next to it on a crate is another improbable fact!

In the laser room:
None found
Hallways after completing the laser room:

  • 🧳Through the door past the crate blockade, lying on a box to the right of the next door are some familiar 3D glasses.

The Bridge:
None found

4a: Empty Streets of Victorian London

On the empty streets of Victorian London, there are 2 📃Journal pages and 2 🧳Miniscope objects to be found (to my knowledge)
In the Park:

  • 🧳On one of the pillars of the fountain, there will be an interesting chalice.
  • 📃And, another improbable fact on the pillar next to it.

On the streets:

  • 📃After leaving the park, walk forward to be looking down the alleyway with the abandoned cart. There’s another note to the lefthand side of this entrance on a barrel.
  • 🧳After walking through the alleyway with the abandoned cart and then walking right down the street, across the road in-front of you is a wanted poster for a familiar figure.

4b: The House of Manfred Grayle

Inside the House of Manfred Grayle, there are 2 📃Journal pages and 2 🧳Miniscope objects to be found (to my knowledge)
On The Ground Floor:
None found
On The Second Floor:

  • 🧳Turn right at the top of the stairs. On a dresser in-front of you is a strange hand.
  • 🧳Turn right again from the dresser. Down the hallway, there’s a rather familiar Sarcophagus.
  • 📃And, a journal entry on the sofa next to it.

Within the drawing room (ransacked):
None found
Within the drawing room (in the past):

  • 📃There’s a journal entry on the windowsil behind the phonograph
  • 📃There’s another on the opposite side of the room on the bookshelf
  • 📃And a third to the right of the fireplace

4c: The Crypt of Manfred Grayle

I have yet to find any items in the Crypt, despite deliberately taking some incorrect paths. Let me know if you have found some items here.

4a: The Temple of the First

Coming Soon!

Thanks to QuackTeamJames for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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2 thoughts on “Doctor Who The Edge of Reality: All Collectables Guide


    (October 19, 2021 - 8:04 pm)

    I believe there’s another miniscope object in the lucia minor interior level. In the room where you turn the gravity off, if you float up through the hole in the ceiling the second doctor’s recorder is floating about


    (October 20, 2021 - 12:38 pm)

    In the first location the laundrette there is a ring after the time glitch in the a washing machine closest to the window and a page on the bench (ps4) I am playing on

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