Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! All achievements (How to Get)

Here’s how to get each achievement in DDLC +


General achievements

  • No.
    In the main menu click Exit the game and click No

  • Start a New Game
    We receive it automatically at the beginning of Act 2

  • Good feature
    In the “dekstop” draw boxes of any size several times

  • Error
    Change the background of the “desktop” to any unlocked image

  • Buy my mixtape
    Listen to music on the “dekstop” for 20 minutes

  • *Stonks*
    Open the file “Project plan.txt”, for more details see the section of the guide about working with files

  • Friendship and Literature
    Finish all of the Side Stories that are available in the “dekstop” and can be unlocked by passing each route

  • Breakthrough
    Collect 100% of the data, for this we go through each route and get all the images

Poem’s achievements

  • Write the perfect poem for Natsuki (Look for the words suitable for Natsuki and choose them)

  • Write the perfect poem for Sayori (Look for the words suitable for Sayori and choose them)

  • Write the perfect poem for Yuri (Look for the words suitable for Yuri and choose them)

  • Any% WR attempts

  • Doki Doki Poetry Slam


Miss Achievements (Spoiler Warning!)

  • Ruin everything: Complete the game by deleting Monika’s character file in Files > Characters on the virtual desktop, accessed by clicking Exit DDLC
  • She will never be real: When talking to Monika after characters, just continue listening to her talk until the achievement pops
  • Perfect! Monika: Should pop automatically after the poem-writing segment for Monika at the end of the game
  • Thank you: Complete the game by delete Monika’s character file. Then start a new game, watch the credits and you’ll get a letter from Monika.
  • 2-stocked: After running once the credits have rolled, go back to the virtual desktop and delete Monika’s character file again


Thanks to JOKERTHEEVIL for his great guide and Ix 💫 for adding the miss achievements, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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