DOOM 64: Uncensoring Medpacks and Bezerker Packs Guide

Quick and dirty guide to uncensoring medpacks and bezerker packs



While it could be easier to just provide the modified iWAD, that would be considered pirating, so thats a big no (at least on official channels), all thanks goes to Zeikar for actually figuring all this out, i am just the guide writer.

How to make Doom64 a bit more like it was originally intended before the Red Cross threw a hissy fit in few easy steps:

STEP 1: Downloading

– Download this file:

-Extract file contents where you deem fit, just remember where you placed it.

– Download Slade 3, a doom wad editing tool:

Install/Extract (depends on version you picked, either works)

STEP 2: IMG Importing

– Open SLADE
– Go to: edit>preferences>advanced, find iwad_lock and uncheck its box
– Open DOOM64.WAD, this should be in : …\steamapps\common\Doom 64, where the “…” is your steam folder where you downloaded the game.
– Find and overwrite (import) MEDIA0, PSTRA0 and STIMA0 with the downloaded files.
– Save your WAD
– Exit Slade



You want to replace the files at where they are located not delete, because the files are in order already. Verify game cache and follow the steps I posted. You don’t want the 3 files at the bottom when looking at the WAD in SLADE you can import the image at each file’s location understand?
Follow these steps:

open DOOM64.WAD
find MEDIA0
import MEDIA0.png from extracted files
find PSTRA0
import PSTRA.png from extracted files
find STIMA0
import STIMA0.png from extracted files
click file save
exit Slade

You need to be replacing the existing files at their existing locations, if you add 3 png files at the bottom of the list of files then this won’t work

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