Door Kickers 2: Kamil Pasha Market Simple Guide

Quick guide for getting to the VIP in Kamil Pasha Market.


Kamil Pasha Market
I didn’t see a guide on steam guides so I decided to post one that’s as simple as I could make it to get to the VIP before he gets shot.

Phase 1

Set everyone to SPRINT on ALPHA go code.

Support to go north to cut off enemy rienforments that come through the north gate.
 Phase 1 Support Route.jpg]

Marksman to cover the market.
 Phase 1 Marksman Route.jpg]

Grenadier hauls it to target.
 Phase 1 Grenadier Route.jpg]

Assault hauls it to provide security.
 Phase 1 Assault Route.jpg]

Snipe for about a minute or until you feel are comfortable to start.
The Sniper Fire should clear the civilians out the area.
Make sure you get this guy at the gate before you start.

Hit ALPHA and start the rescue when you are ready.

Phase 2

Move VIP somewhere safe.

Phase 3

Clear out the enemy.

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