Dr Livingstone I Presume Walkthrough (100% Achievement Guide)

Here is a video of a full game walkthrough including all achievements. enjoy the game.


Walkthrough and Achievements

You can see the complete walkthrough of the game including all achievements in the following video :

Achievements :
7:33 Try to jump: Jumper
9:06 Hello … ?: Complete puzzles in the Corridor.
9:49 Art Connoisseur: Take a look at 10 different paintings.
17:56 The Cook: Smell the Stew.
27:50 Clever: Solve Scale puzzle using only 3 vials.
28:02 Uncertainty: Complete puzzles in the Kitchen.
28:40 OFFICE
31:44 Penny pincher: Pick up a coin.
32:42 Faith: Read the passage of the Bible.
41:55 Clockmaker: Fix the broken clock.
45:08 Patient: Wait until the clock strikes the full hour.
47:12 Denial: Complete puzzles in the Office.
49:29 Fortune-teller: reveal next paragraph in journal 5 times.
50:00 Unwelcome guest: Try to open the blocked door in upper corridor.
57:58 Musician: Return to the Kalimba and play some notes after solving the puzzle.
1:06:55 Anger: Complete puzzles in the Botanical Room.
1:07:23 CLINIC
1:11:02 Nostalgic: Unlock all Stanley’s comments.
1:23:43 Go deeper: Open door to Decontamination Room.
1:30:50 Wearing heart on sleeve: Open dummy puzzle’s chest.
1:34:43 Depression: Complete puzzles in the Clinic.
1:36:35 Stopgap: “Fix” hole in Botanical Room.
1:43:31 True journalist: Pick up all notes.
1:45:55 Nosy: Open all drawers in Pillar.
1:48:21 Memory problems: Set each figurine in the wrong room.
1:49:40 Hope: Complete puzzles in the Memory Room.
1:52:50 Dr Livingstone, I presume? : Complete the game.

Credit to Fredericma45 Gaming



During your long journey through Africa, you return to a friend who asks you for help in a mysterious letter. When you cross the threshold of his home, nothing greets you but a hollow silence. A series of closed doors awaits and you must use all your puzzle-solving skills to find the keys. Go deeper into the house and discover what happened to Dr Livingstone.

A sharp mind is the key

You will face more complex puzzles in every room. But giving up is not an option. Take on an increasingly challenging and bizarre house full of puzzles that will take your logical thinking to the limit. Remember that each room is unique and has its secrets. Intuitive interaction with the elements of the environment will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the game. Be thorough, be wise, explore.

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