Dragon Quest Walk: How to Get and Collect Fukubiki Auxiliary Tickets

Here is a guide on how to get and collect Fukubiki Auxiliary Tickets at Dragon Quest Walk game. If you don’t know where to get the Fukubiki Auxiliary Ticket, please refer to it.


What is Fukubiki Auxiliary Ticket?

You can draw a gacha once with 10 Fukubiki Auxiliary Tickets

If you collect 10 Fukubiki Auxiliary Tickets, you can draw a gacha once.

Can only be used for specific gachas

Since the Fukubiki Auxiliary Ticket can only be used for gachas with the names listed on the Fukubiki Auxiliary Ticket, its usage is limited. On the other hand, gems can be used to draw various gachas.

Types of Fukubiki Auxiliary Tickets

Fukubiki Auxiliary Ticket for a limited time Lotto that can be closed
Metasura Equipment Fukubiki Auxiliary Ticket Metasura Equipment Gacha
Lotto equipment Fukubiki auxiliary ticket Lotto equipment gacha
Lotto equipment Fukubiki auxiliary ticket SP equipment gacha


How to get and collect Fukubiki Auxiliary Tickets

Exchange at the exchange using mileage

Fukubiki Auxiliary Tickets can be redeemed at the exchange by accumulating mileage. The exchange can be opened by pressing “Junbi” at the bottom of the field screen and then pressing “Exchange” at the bottom of the screen. Mileage can be obtained by performing “battle, walking, touching recovery spots” and so on.

May be available in event quests

Fukubiki Auxiliary Tickets may be available at Event Quests. Please see the following articles for the events being held.

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