Dread Hunger: Hints and Tips

An assortment of hints, tips, and tricks from the developers themselves! This covers the basics and is a great place to start off.



  • Stoves and wood burners can be found in the main ship or at different locations throughout the world. Both stoves and wood burners provide a source of heat, with stoves having the added benefit of enabling players to cook a variety of recipes.
  • Lanterns and campfires are an ‘out and about’ heat source, with campfires having the added benefit of basic cooking.
  • Tents, caves, and igloos have varying levels of insulation. Add fuel to the provided heat source or build a campfire at these locations to keep the cold at bay.
  • Night/Day cycle: Night is much colder so be cautious venturing too far afield.


  • Raw meat is harvested from dead animals and can be eaten raw or cooked on a campfire/stove. For Explorers, raw meat has less nutrition than cooked meat.
  • Blubber is harvested from dead seals and can be eaten raw, added to stews or used as a crafting ingredient.
  • Human meat is harvested from dead people… it can be eaten raw or cooked on a campfire/stove. Thralls love human meat…
  • Body parts can be gathered by cutting up dead people’s bodies. They can be added to stews at a stove.
  • Stews are very nutritious and wholesome.

Crafting / Cooking

  • Crafting is performed at a workbench. Here you can create weapons and other various pieces of equipment.
  • Cooking is done at a stove. You can make food, tea, poison, and its antidote. In a pinch, you can cook raw meat on a campfire.


  • Passive healing is tied to hunger – the fuller you are the faster your health regenerates.
  • Laudanum is a healing tonic. It can be consumed as is, or crafted into a syringe to be more effective.
  • When a player is ‘down’ (crawling), they will need to rest to recover. They can crawl there, or be carried by a teammate to a bed where they will be revived. A jab from a laudanum syringe will also do the trick.
  • Beds can be found in the main ship or at different locations throughout the world.


  • Right-Click items to quick transfer between your personal inventory and containers, bodies, stoves, workbenches etc.
  • Certain items of the same type can be stacked.
  • Be wary of weight – it’ll slow you down.

The naughty stuff…

  • Bone daggers are used to cast spells (Hold Right-Click, select, then Left-Click). Anyone found carrying these, could be deemed untrustworthy. The safest place for these is at the bottom of the ocean.
  • Totems are built by Thralls to increase the power of spells (Press Q, select, then Left-Click). If found by an Explorer… destroy the totem on sight.
  • Thralls can thwart the expedition through many means:
    – Poisoning food (craft poison and drag onto food to taint it).
    – Blowing up the ship (add gunpowder to barrels, drop them, and set them alight).
    – Sabotaging the boiler (simply add gun powder when the boiler is running).

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