Drug Dealer Simulator: Items/Loot Spawn Locations 2021

If you need extra cash, spray paint, water bottles or even pure drugs (for free) then this is the way to go.
Here is the spawning locations for loot around the ghetto, ranging from tiny drops of a bit of cash, some bottles to a room full of treasure (many items spawn in the same area etc)

Please note that I’m not familiar with every single spray paint location (the ones that spawn near graffitis on walls) so keep that in mind, when you need spray paint just look for graffiti sprays around, I marked most of them as far as I know.


Info about the loot locations map

Cyan (light blue) squares indicate spawning locations of 3 or more items in the same area, room, building or vicinity.
Blue squares indicate spawning locations of 2 items in the same area, room, building or vicinity.
Green squares indicate spawning locations of 1 single item in that one spot, room (building) or area.
Red squares indicate loot spawns that are under normal circumstances inaccessible to the casual player (basically the use of bugs/glitches is required to access such location; don’t worry about these)
Squares that have a Yellow X mark inside or near them means they are only accessible after lockpicking a door, gate or such (building door, gate, etc)

I know that I should’ve marked spray paint spawn locations with another color or shape but it’s too late now (sorry about that!)

All Loot Spawn Locations MAP

Map is originally made by me, if you’d like to use it feel free!
if you want to share it, do not share it as your own 😛 (credits pls!)

1) Sector A Loot Spawn Locations

West Old Town:

East old town:

Old Market & Two Towers:

Stink & Sewage Treatment (south of stink):

Sector A Technical Tunnels (south of West Old Town):

Eastern Slums & East Desert (south of Eastern Slums):

Gas Station & Kennel:

2) Sector B Loot Spawn Locations


Supermarket Area (underground):

West Deadtown (bus stop):

Mid Deadtown:

Cemetry & South of Cemetry:

Bad Asia (North of Deadtown areas):

3) Sector C Loot Spawn Locations (SOON)

Check back later after the Sector C Map Expansion Update drops.

Before you start looking…

You won’t find loot every time in every single spot, and you won’t find the same thing over and over.
When you make a new game (start fresh) your game creates a new seed for the save file which is used to determine basically how lucky you get with loot drops, how often they spawn, where, quantity and obviously what spawns.
-Proof of the existence of the seed system/mechanic:
Not just me realised sketchy stuff, I recently made a new save game and every single drug I found was ecstasy in 1g 2g & 3g bags, no other drugs (you can find Weed, AMP & Ecstasy) and it wasn’t just coinsidence, as it persisted for over 16 levels, see a pattern?
Anyway, this can mean both good news & bad news, good news are if you get a good seed; you might find cash left & right, which happened to me once recently, I had over $1,500 cash prior to level 7! only because I kept on looting the map as I realised a lot of cash is spawning.
Bad news are if you get a bad seed, you might not even see a single item drop; that’s an exageration but still you will notice the map is really dry, all you find is water and bobby pins.

Last step! Very important!

If you’ve made it this far, then there’s only one thing left to do in order to become the richest looter man in the whole ghetto & every dealer in the vascinity starting to hear about you, which is:


Just make a route that you take every other day and you’ll find it a good way to spend the day without dealing much (to keep factors low & avoid a raid)

I recommend you loot sector by sector to keep it organised.
Master thief ^^

Anyway, hope you all enjoyed this guide & found it useful! if you did please rate it up so others can also find some free stuff :3

Here are some nice screenshots for you: (quality not guaranteed lol)

Thanks to v7x for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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