DUAL GEAR: PC Controls (Keyboard & Mouse)

DUAL GEAR is a Tactical Action Turn-Base game presented by Japanese Mecha Inspired. the demo has been released for several years. the full version will schedule in July.

Here’s the list of keybindings that I’ve found. If something is incorrect or missing please let me know and I’ll update this.

Left Side:
Esc (Escape) – Exit game
Move/Direction – WASD
Skill Wheel – Arrow Keys
Control Mapping – Unknown

Right Side:
Enable Skill/shoot – Spacebar?
Enable Skills/Shoot – Left Mouse button
Turn Change – Unknown
Unit Change – Q
Cancel/Hold On – Right Mouse button
OK/Enable/Apply – Left Mouse button
Camera Axis – Mouse movement
Skip Turorial – Unknown

Keys 1-6:
1-3 unknown
4 – brings up mech editor (menu screen)
5 – brings up Xbox controller keybindings

Credit to B.Fett

Post Author: Robins Chew

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