Duck Simulator 2: Achievements & Puzzles Guide

This is a guide explaining how to get the missable achievements and the 10 pizzas in chronological order. If at any point, you went too far and missed something, you can go back to the main menu to start the campaign again from the first person game. At the platformer game, you can wall jump by going to the side of walls or platforms.


The missable achievements and the 10 pizzas

Chapter 1 – First person shooter game

Level 1 – Drop down to the left of the bridge to get pizza #1, you’ll have to jump in the lava to get out of that situation. Now that the level is reset, shoot all 8 speakers before the narration is over to get

Blabbermouth Destroy all the speakers in an FPS level before the developer stops talking.

Level 2 – In the room with 2 buttons, on the left you can find pizza #2, it’s hard to miss. After killing the second capsule, go to the now opened door on the right and jump off to get

Unintentional Deadliness Find a way to die in the second FPS level.

Level 3 – Go around by taking 2 rights and shoot the different looking wall to slide down and get pizza #3

Chapter 2 – Platformer game

World 1-1 no pizza
World 1-2 When you reach the finish, don’t drop down, instead go left to find pizza #4
World 1-3 no pizza
World 2-1 no pizza
World 2-2 At the finish, jump at the box from left side to get pizza #5
World 2-3 After reaching the checkpoint, jump across the sewage, hug the right wall when dropping to get pizza #6
World 3-? From the start, go left, jump up the wall to get pizza #7

Chapter 3 – Undertale inspired game

Level 1 – When you see the stone wall, don’t enter, instead go left to get pizza #8
Warning: pizza #10 only appears if you defeat the Minion and Guard Guy in a specific way
Level 2 – From the start, go down to talk to Static Man, go up, only use “Talk” to defeat the Minion, go down again for pizza #9, go forward to fight Guard Guy, use “Talk” once, then keep using “Fight” to defeat Guard Guy, take the path down to get pizza #10
The achievement for getting all 10 pizzas only pops up after the credits

Thanks to FrozenShiver for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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