Dungeon Scavenger: Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips & tricks for Dungeon Scavenger game. hope these tips will help you.


Base game

If you want to turn off the confirm action when in a battle, you can hit X or go into the options and uncheck it.

When you first create a character, remember to go into your skills and spend the 2 points you have. Likewise when you level up, remember to spend your skill points / (perk points if you have DLC), and to rebuff yourself since your skills are higher and will get higher buffs.

You can buff yourself by going into your spells while not in combat (the green hand) and it will give you a defensive buff against that spell type.

When you start out, buy an insect scroll, and use it on the first insect you fight, having a pet is almost required if on ironman difficulty, and pets make things a lot easier. Just be advised, that the lower your pets HP, the higher % chance they’ll run off / disappear, so keep your pets healed, if they’re low and you can’t heal it, use a return cage to send it to the zoo, or use Trap to leave the battle, then go to the zoo in town and put it in the zoo / take it out for a full pet heal.

You can put your pet in the zoo and pull it back out for a full heal, so you don’t have to use pet food which can be expensive early on. It’s worth a note that all classes can use pets if they use a scroll purchased from the item store or mob drop / chest. Pets are really handy not only for dps, but they take hits for you ~20% of the time.

If you get a pet from the next floor and then go to the previous floor, you can often 1-2 shots mobs and level up quicker than trying the hardest floor you can handle.

Mobs have a weakness, you can look them up in the bestiary in the Escape menu.
Speaking of Escape menu, there’s a help button in there with several useful tips, there’s also a list of the spell terms / buff terms so you can tell what something does.

You get quests in the Inn, you can refresh the list by sleeping (fully heals you), beware that this removes all buffs and resets the dungeon floors.

Leveling gives you full hp / stamina, so if you’re going to level, you might not want to waste potions etc. in a battle.

Rations are almost always the best reward in an event, due to you not having to go back to town to full heal, and other events taking hp as the best option. Rations full heal your hp / stam and can be used in dungeon floors at will out of combat.

Remember to deposit any gold you don’t need into the bank when you’re in town, as you lose all gold you’re carrying if you’re defeated. When buying stuff in town, any gold you don’t have on hand is automatically removed from your bank, which is nice.

Your bank is shared between all your characters. Put basics like potions in there for your other low level toons. Be advised that Impossible difficulty has the bank disabled.

The Seeker can mark quests for you by spending gold, the quest objective you select will have an eyeball on the map its on. If you sleep in the Inn, this objective is no longer shown as it moves and won’t be marked so beware.

The academy at higher level you can take level xp and make skill potions to raise your skills, don’t worry about this until high level. I believe your character needs to be level 30 to use these potions.

I suggest starting on Impossible once you get the hang of the game, it gives much more xp and is the most challenging. This results in a higher score when you beat the game on that toon.

If you get 7 pieces of gear with the same magic affinity, it makes you immune to that damage type, so say you get 7 pieces of acid gear, and equip them, then you’d be immune to acid damage. It shows this at the bottom of the gear when you mouse over it.

You can use regen potions, and other potions before you go into a tough battle, which will save you turns in a hard fight. If you know what you’re fighting / the dmg they’ll use, you can use a rune for that dmg type for good defense. When you use trap you can get out of a fight and mouse over the mob (scrying shows this too) and that will tell you the rune type to use.

You can use hotkeys for most things, in the order you see them from left to right (say spells) 1-4 selects the first 1-4 spells showing, likewise in other menus. X should be able to be used to close / cancel as well. Various keybinds can be changed in the options menu.

Trap is a skill that if it says ‘Trap’ in battle, that means you can escape from battle if used on that turn, useful if you’re in a tough fight you’re not going to win. You can defend until trap goes off if you have a high trap skill, or you can try to use it successfully as the % is dependent on your trap skill.


The DLC (Inferno) is currently still being worked on, but here’s some (subject to change) tips.

Classes have innate passives, you can see what they are on the character select screen when you create a new character, at the bottom. These are powerful and define a class, so pay attention and use them to take advantage.

There’s perks in the game now, it’s under the skills menu where you spend your points upon leveling up, there’s a tab called perks. You can start investing xp in them starting at lvl 10.

Gear should have more info under the ? book.

There are now rings in the game, you’ll get them early, don’t worry.

There’s lot’s of new floors, won’t get into this as to not spoil anything and I haven’t seen them all yet anyways.

The weapon you use with melee, if it has a spell type, it will inflict that spell type on a mob. Spell types like holy now remove positive buffs from mobs if you melee, so it can be useful to remove pesky buffs if you’re using a holy weapon.

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