Dungeon village 2: Adventurer & Their Ability Guide

Here are total seven maps(Meadow map, Forest map, Tropical map, Snow country map, Magic map, Japanese style map, Makai Map) in the full world map.  each map has new adventurers and facilities. You can bring up to 5 adventurers when you move to a new map. here are all you need to know about the adventurer and its ability.


About the Adventurer

  • A total of 106 people on all maps.
  • The master level is 10, and you can get a bonus of parameter up. The level will continue to rise.
  • Special abilities are only available when you are in that profession. Even if you master it, it will not be taken over.
  • When the city becomes popular, new adventurers will appear. New adventurers can only change jobs after mastering the profession at the time of their first appearance (even if other adventurers have already mastered that profession).
  • Gifting equipment and items will increase your satisfaction and hard work.
  • I hope to settle down when my satisfaction reaches a certain level.
  • Taxes can be collected once a year (April 1 week) from adventurers who have built their own homes. Many adventurers who have defeated many monsters will pay.
  • The medal is awarded every year in the 4th week of December. Adventurers who have been awarded a medal will greatly improve their satisfaction, hard work, and fighting ability. A medal is required (not consumed) depending on the occupation when changing jobs
  • Adventurers on the previous map may come to the destination city without having to take them with them when migrating.

Adventurer’s ability

  • Adventurer’s ability
    • HP: Decreases when attacked by monsters. Incapacitated at 0
    • Attack: The higher the damage, the greater the damage to the monster.
    • Defense: The higher it is, the more it prevents attacks from monsters.
    • Magic: The higher the value, the higher the damage of the magic attack.
  • Basic ability
    • Health: Affects HP
    • Power: Increases attack power
    • Dexterity: Increases the number of attacks
    • Durable: Increased defense
    • Magical power: Increased magical power
    • Luck: Affects the contents of the treasure chest
  • Abnormal condition
    • Burning: Damage up
    • Freezing / Sleep: Incapable of acting for a certain period of time
    • Paralysis / Confusion: Sometimes incapacitated
    • Poison: Damage with each action
    • Darkness: More attack mistakes
  • Other
    • Satisfaction: Hope to settle down when it reaches a certain level
    • Good luck: Basic ability is improved. Defeat a lot of monsters
    • Aura: Occurs when hard work is high. Increases attack power, number of attacks, and defense power
  • magic
    • Fire magic: Attack with fire magic. May burn
    • Ice magic: Attack with ice magic. May freeze
    • Lightning magic: Attack with lightning magic. May become paralyzed
    • Dark magic: Attack with dark magic. Can be dark
    • Healing magic: Heals allies

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