Dungeons of the Fallen: Bosses Guide

Dungeons of the Fallen is a fast-paced, action-oriented hack n’slash inspired by games like: Hammerwatch, Gauntlet and Diablo. here is a bosses guide contain that Which boss were the easiest for you and which were the hardest? Also how to build?


For the 1st and 2nd bosses: Despite being mostly archer based, I had put some into the melee tree so I used the first 3 melee skills. My gear was somewhat ranged damage focused. I was a mixed build for the first two bosses.

For the 3rd and fourth bosses I used the melee 1 skill for movement, the smoke screen skill for movement, The mark target for extra damage, and the fire path arrow skill for damage. My gear focused somewhat on ranged damage and hp regen.

In order of easiest to hardest:
1. Spider – Quite easy, I spent time figuring out its attack patterns. I didn’t die to the boss. Good for a first boss though since it should be easier.

2. Giant axe guy – Killed me like 5 times, but once I got the patterns down and used the melee rush skill effectively it wasn’t bad.

3. Ice and Fire brothers – This was the hardest by far. Once I figured out that circular movements helped dodge attacks a lot it became easier, but I had to upgrade my gear via the forge and respec my skills since I had spread them out a bit early on to try things out. I died probably 9 times trying to figure out good strategies to beat them. The slow allows the high dmg fire guy to hurt you bad so you can’t let the ice guy’s attacks hit you or its over unless you have a movement skill.

4. Magician with the big axes – This was the 2nd hardest I died probably 6 times. While he goes down fairly fast he gets tough in the end when he gets more axes as his health goes down. I found it best to try and do a big burst while he still had 2 axes so that he didn’t have time to use all 4 of his axes.

5. Queen Bee – Pretty easy. I was able to beat the first time through. I was able to dodge her attacks decently and I had all fully forged gear which helped a lot.

6. Fallen Queen – This was a cool and hectic battle. The darkness, the queen pulling you around. I beat it first time though so it wasn’t too bad. Just had to take the time to actually attack to kill her, the darkness made me go into panic mode and just try to survive.

7. Possessed doggy – Beat first try, but was below 20 health three times. I got super lucky. This one was pretty tough once the skulls appeared as the orange orbs were tough to dodge.

Written by grahfstampede 


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