Dustoff Z: Lieutenant Location Guide

This guide shows the locations of all 7 Lieutenants in Dustoff Z. You need all 7 lieutenants to unlock the Master Key which will unlock the last level and the last helicopter. These are needed for the Alive (beat the game on normal), Still Alive (beat the game on Hard), Aaaand Still Alive (beat the game on Epic), and Scrap Them All achievements (unlock all helicopters).


Lieutenant 1 – Kobag – Mission 6 (Destroy the zombie lab)
The first Lieutenant, Kobag, is located in Mission 6 near the start of the level.

Lieutenants have more health and fire power than regular zombies so you may find it easier to return to these levels once you have an upgraded chopper and gunners.

After defeating lieutenants, you must winch their bodies and return it to the helipad for it to unlock the entry in the Alman-o-tronic.

Once you have the notification popup for the Alman-o-tronic entry, you do not have to complete the level and you can exit out of the current mission.

Lieutenant 2 – Bardaz – Mission 8 (Rescue 4 survivors)
The second Lieutenant, Bardaz, is located in Mission 8 near the right side of the train with the giant leg.

Lieutenant 3 – Boulderbane – Mission 12 (Deliver food and weapons to the camp)
The third Lieutenant, Boulderbane, is located in Mission 12 near the giant spider.

Lieutenant 4 – Scourgesurge – Mission 14 (Search and Rescue cpl. J. Doe)
The fourth Lieutenant, Scourgesurge, is located in Mission 14 after rescuing cpl. J. Doe. Scourgesurge is wearing a fireman’s outfit and is wielding flame throwers.

Lieutenant 5 – Darkdrooler – Mission 16 (Rescue 6 survivors)
The fifth Lieutenant, Darkdrooler, is located in Mission 16 right near the 1st survivor at the start of the map. Darkdrooler has an army uniform and is wielding rocket launchers.

Lieutenant 6 – Doomlimb – Mission 21 (Defend the convoy from zombies)
The sixth Lieutenant, Doomlimb, is located in Mission 21 after the second save point. Doomlimb looks like a hot cheeto puff.

You can hook him and drop him off at the helipad on the right most side. The screen will give you an indicator as to which direction to go.

Lieutenant 7 – Chanzud – Mission 28 (Destroy the tower and build a jet)
The seventh and final Lieutenant, Chanzud, is located in Mission 28 near the forest near the start of the map. Chanzud looks like Doomlimb but with bombs strapped to his body.

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