Dying Light 2: New Villedor Marked Map

A Full map of New Villedor marked with the following:

-New Game+ Inhibitors
-Dark Hollows
-Elemental Goons
With more locations coming soon!



This is a map guide split into parts as I didnt want to cram one image full of markers.
I found that splitting up NV into each district was easier.


-The Red duck is located inside a Safe, the Code is: 74-17-76


– The Black duck is located inside of a Safe, the code is: 6-6-6
-The top of the VNC tower is a great place to go to if you want to reach the tops of other buildings. Just find something to do while the elevator is ascending. Zzzz

New Dawn Park

-The Red duck is located in an office area, inside of a Safe. The code is: 10-28-64

The Wharf

-The Black duck is located in the Trunk/ Boot of a sunken police car. You will have to lockpick this. Take a deep breath!
-Why the Devs chose to play the Inhibitor chest so far away from anything important is beyond me. the placement makes zero sense. Most people will be missing this chest as it is so far away that you will not get a proximity notification until you are already swimming to it.

Muddy Grounds

-The Red duck is located inside of a GRE container, in a safe. The code is: 10-10-10

Saint Paul Island

-The Red duck is located inside of a GRE container, in a safe. The code is: 85-19-45

Lower Dam Ayre

-The Black duck is located on top of a Green Mooring Post near some Chemicals.

Newfound Lost Lands

– The lower Inhibitor of the two marked on the map can only accessed properly once you have beaten the game or reached the Dam in the story. (No spoilers here!)
– The Red duck is located inside of a safe. The Code is: 4-5-9


-Please note that not every Red and Black Duck is on this map as there are 2 Ducks that are not in OV or NV.
The final two ducks are located off to the left side of NV.
-The Red duck is inside of a safe within a Nightrunner hideout on the other side of the dam bridge.
The Safe code is: 9-6-6
-The Black duck is located inside of a Guard tower that connects to the walls around the Observatory.
Here is a map of the area:

If I missed any collectibles from my legend please let me know in the comments.

Thanks to Jäger for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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