Dyson Sphere Program: Production Chain Layouts

Compact production chain layouts for most common products that need to be made indefinitely


I made these for my own use but thought I might as well throw them up with a little formatting

– Generally going to cover things that need to be produced infinitely so the layout can be set up, fed the inputs and have outputs with minimal fuss
– Can be repeated over and over to scale up
– Generally uses the most basic inputs that can be found all over the planet or shipped from others
– Will likely add alternative layouts that use rare resources (i.e. FireIce cuts out a lot from Solar Sail and Purple Research)

DSP Grid Shenanigans
Since the game exists on a square-ish grid mapped to spherical surfaces, the grid is mostly square but exhibits ‘grid crush’ closer to the poles.

Many buildings have two different bounding boxes in practice- how closely you can squeeze buildings together, and how close you can place belts.

– Smelters occupy a 3×3 grid, and you can place belts around them in a 5×5 square.
– Assemblers are ‘larger’ in that they occupy a 3×3 grid and you can place belts around them in a 5×5 square, but the closest you can place adjacent Assemblers are 4 tiles apart. You can also place power poles in this space.

Regarding grid crush vs layouts
– The ‘grid crush’ effect affects these bounding boxes and in common cases anywhere but the equator, you e.g. cannot place north-south running belts in that mandatory gap between Assemblers.
– The vertical axis generally does not suffer from grid crush- sorters will always be able to reach 3 tiles away running north-south.
– These layouts therefore are best placed closer to the equator. I made it so most sorters straddle vertically, so orienting the top of the image to North or South works best to guarantee sorters can reach the things they need to reach
– Therefore, since most sorters are aligned this way, it’s generally not necessary to build as compact on the east-west dimension. Just space things out a little more if affected by grid crush

Red & Yellow Research
Default/no rares layout

1:1 correlation to match research requirements

Note on Red Research:
The feedback loop for Hydrogen is cool, but virtually useless in the game right now. When starting Red Research, the game needs more Hydrogen than fuel which makes the loop appealing, but this lasts about a few hours at most and then the game swings over to needing far more fuel than Hydrogen for Yellow Research, Sulfur etc.

By the time it swings around to needing Hydrogen again late-game you can have a couple dozen Gas Giant orbiters for a virtually infinite supply as fast as you can use it up.

Solar Sails

4/s is plenty to get a swarm going. If you have enough guns to shoot them all into space it should result in ~6k active sails in the swarm, going up to ~10k and beyond as research extends their lifespan.

Sails eat a planet’s stone supply very very fast.

By Falk

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