Dyson Sphere Program: How to Use Energy Exchangers (Balancing Your Local Power Network)

This guide will show you how to use Energy Exchangers for balancing your local power network, despite not being optimally designed for that. And, following that guide, you will understand exactly how it works and why it works, and you learn something about the game.   Introduction This guide contains lots of information which are aiming at […]

Dyson Sphere Program: Fuel Stats

A table containing the values for each fuel source.   Fuels In order by base energy capacity fuel chamber gen is a bonus to the speed at which your mech turns a fuel into energy. It is irrelevant to power stations, I think, they only care about the energy value of what you’re burning. not terribly relevant […]

Dyson Sphere Program: How to Boost Your FPS

Dyson Sphere Program is now available on Steam with early access. Here is a simple guide on how to increase your FPS in the game. if you have any other problems. please let me know.   How to Boost Your FPS? Please check out whether your computer meets the minimum configuration requirements first. If your […]