Eastward: How to Fix Game Won’t Launch, Framerate, Blurry and Other Issues

Eastward is a beautifully detailed and charming adventure game developed by Pixpil. it is available now via Steam and Switch. however. there are some probable issues with the new game. Here we will share some methods to solve the game not launch, Framerate and Blurry issue.


How to Fix Game Won’t Launch

– Completely shutting down Steam from the task manager and then relaunching (This has worked for a few people in the Discord)

– Steam>Settings>Downloads>Clear Downloads Cache + Restart Steam

– Eastward>Properties>Local Files>Verify Integrity

– Check if your anti virus software is blocking the game from launching

Thanks to Keevahh for his nice method to fix this issue.


How to Fix Framerate & Blurry Issue

Turn Off GSync or Freesync in your video card software panel prior to starting the game.

To fix blurry issue, go into your Nvidia panel (or AMD equivalent) and set the “Image Sharpening” slider all the way to the right. Same for the “Ignore Film Grain” option, slide the slider all the way to the right. Press Ok then press Apply. Don’t forget to press Apply!

Note: For better color, I would recommend ReShade if it’s compatible or Nvidia Freestyle if compatible

Thanks to Solarstrike for his nice method to fix this issue.


If You Have Any Other Display Issues, How to Verify and Fix

1. Ensure you’ve updated your game – there’s been a hotfix this morning!

2. Check the chroma filter – personally I love the stylised look with it on, but it’s not for everyone! You can turn this off in the menu. If you’re doing any kind of capture, I recommend turning it off anyway.

3. If your game doesn’t opt-out of participating in Windows display scaling, Windows will resize the game automatically without ever telling the game, and it makes things blurry as heck. You can check this by going to SETTINGS > DISPLAY > SCALE AND LAYOUT.

4. Check you’ve got your contact lenses in/ glasses on, and/or your prescription is up to date

Thanks to Pilgrim for his nice method to fix this issue.


That’s all. hope these methods will solve your issues. if there are any other unsolved issues. please leave a comment and let me know.

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