EBOLA 2: Piano Puzzle Guide (Update 1.1.8)

EBOLA 2 is created in the spirit of the great classics of survival horrors.  here is a simple guide on how to solve the piano puzzle.


How to Solve the Piano Puzzle?

You need to come to the 2nd floor where the radio was, you need to turn on the light on the radio, and a 4-digit code will appear on the wall. You can then enter this code on the piano by pressing the piano keys. Note that 1 piano key is 0. The display of the pressed keys will light up on the screen.


Update 1.1.8 Patch Notes

• Music at the end of the game has been changed, now you can safely stream the game.
• Fixed problems with zombies.
• Time for removing zombies has been changed from 180 seconds to 15 seconds.
• Added one more can of gasoline.
• Fixed bug of the protagonist walking through the doors.
• Fixed minor bugs with the game.
• Fixed collision of objects in many places.



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