Ecosystem: Save File Location

Ecosystem is an ambitious and experimental project. Simulating a realistic, natural water world on the border between science and entertainment has never been attempted with this level of depth. if you are playing this game and encounter some save issues. you need to find the save game location.


How to find your saves:
The save file consists of a .dat file and a .png filed. Your save files can be found here:



Ecosystem is a god-game/simulation hybrid in which players design aspects of their underwater ecosystem – from the terrain composition and where the currents run to the placement of individual species of plant and fish within the world. Once the player has made these choices, the simulation takes over to help the plants and fish grow and evolve over time.

The underlying technology of Ecosystem means that it isn’t just a video game version of the laws of ecology with pre-made fish models. The simulation actually determines the creatures in the game: their bodies, how they swim, and how they think and behave. All the creatures in the trailer evolved on their own in the game; none were hand-edited!

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