eFootball PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE Keyboard Controls Guide

Here is a simple guide for the keyboard controls in eFootball PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE game.


Keyboard controls Guide
keyboard suggestion
Y – through ball W
B – Lofted pass / Cross A
A – Low pass S
X – Shoot D
LB + Y – chipped through ball LB: Q
2x B – low cross —-
L + RT – close ball control L(arrow key) RT : SHIFT
L + 2x RB – Speed burst RB:E
RS : T,F,G,H

Out of possession

RB – dash E
Y – Bring out goalkeeper W
B – slide tackle A
A – pressure S
X – clear / pressure D
2x X with active holding – two or three player will pressure opponent
RB + B – Chase down an opponent player
2x A – tackle (stealing a ball from an opponent, in case of fail there’s a foul)
L + RT – Jockey (movement lock and opponent tracking)

Goalkeeper (SAME AS ABOVE)

press 2x A or block pressing B
Move with goalkeeper holding Y.
B – drop kick
RT + B – High kick
A – Throw
Y – Throw into space
RB – Put down a ball
Fake pass – make a pass and right after pressing cancel with A


Aerial battles – hold RT in order to control more precisely players’ position.
Fast move with left – right arrows will make a small body feint.
With directional buttons (non-stick ones) you can control the defensive line position.
Right directional button to active offside trap.
Defensive wall jump – hold B until the strike.
Prevent wall jump – hold A until the strike.
Goalkeeper manual tackle – press 2x A or block pressing B.

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