Eira: Echoes of Adventure – All the Chests with Directions

Here is a guide on how to locate all the chests without any extra dialog.


Snow Cave
Locations of chests in the Snow Cave:

1) Behind the first broken ladder, on the right of the stone, deep under the rocks.
2) Behind the first broken ladder, directly behind the ladder, very close.
3) Under grandpa’s ship, next to the red statue, behind the snowbank.
4) On Grandpa’s ship (contains Wood Rune)
5) Climb the rocks behind your ship and find a secret tunnel with a chest.

— You have to go back to your ship at this point to progress further and buy the Wood Rune for $150.

6) After going up the repaired ladder, stay to the left. When you reach snow, clear that area and there will be a chest.
7) Behind the broken ladder, buried behind some snow, is another chest.
8) Continue along that left wall and through the snow to find a green statue and another chest.
9) Continue along that left wall for a chest in the open next to a wooden blocked section.
10) Next to the walrus you are told to befriend, there is a chest.
11) After jumping on the Walrus, climb the snowbank to the left and there’s a chest at the top which contains the Fire Rune.
12) Continue around the rock in the center and there’s a chest behind it.
13) Standing next to the next walrus you meet, look at the tree up and to your right, there is a chest buried in the snow next to the tree.
14) Jumping on the walrus you will arrive at your grandfather’s old campsite, there is a chest there that contains a Metal Rune.
15) Beyond the campsite, on the left, there is another chest.
16) At the top of the ladder next to your grandfather’s campsite, look across at for a torch at roughly your level across the cave, there is a chest to it’s left, buried in the snow.

— You have to go back to your ship at this point to progress further and buy the Metal Rune for $1500.

17) With the Metal Rune, repair the track in the middle of the cave to access a gem chamber. Immediately after you go in, there is a chest on your right.
18) And another chest to your right further on.
19) and another in the back, left corner from the entrance.

— The last chest requires the fire upgrade, so go get it for $500.

20) The last chest is behind the ice to your left if you are standing at chest 11 looking toward the center, directly across from chest 12. It also contains a vault key.

Mighty Mountain
Locations of chests on Mighty Mountain:

1) Immediately after you leave the front of your ship, at the end of the valley you begin.
2) Next to the lift, partially buried under snow to the left if you are facing it, is a chest.
3) Visible to your left immediately after going up the lift.
4) Forward and to the right past the two walruses, in plain sight.
5) After the third chest, on the left of the path, there is a snowbank. Go through it and down into a cave for a chest.
6) Continue down and almost directly underneath the 5th chest is the sixth chest.
7) In that same cave, near the frozen statue, is a chest in plain sight.
8) Continuing in that cave, going from Chest 7 past the statue, up the rocks, is another chest on the right.
9) At the end of that cave is a big pile of snow, dig up to the sky and you will be on the platform above the two walruses. There is a chest on the left if you are facing the walruses, from the snow. It contains the Creature Capture rune.
10) From the walruses, go past where you went down into the cave to the end of the valley, there is a chest there close to the ladder in plain sight.

11) Up the ladder, immediate to your left, there is a chest.
12) Dig along the wall, through the snow, behind chest 11, and you will find an ice wall. Burn through it and go to the end of that cave for a chest. The chest contains a vault key.
13) Continue digging through the snow to come to another valley under the bridge. To your right, next to a walrus, is another chest.
14) Continue past the walrus, up the snowpile, to a chest at the top.
15) Walk around to the bridge and, before going over, to the right there is a chest.
16) Go over the bridge, and there is a chest immediately to your left.
17) Go to the first bit of ribcage, turn right, and you can see a chest.
18) Continue past chest 17 and the next chest is just above a brazier.
19) Inside the tower with a hole in it, next to chest 18, is another chest.
20) Immediately next to the lever that needs to be repaired there is a chest.

21) Fix the lever, drop the bridge, go across the bridge, and there is a chest immediately to your right.
22) And another visible to your left.
23) From Chest 22, you can look down and see a blue statue and beyond it is chest 23, on some rocks.
24) Behind the blue statue, almost immediately beneath Chest 22 is another chest.
25) From the monkey Statue, go down the tunnel and there’s a chest to your right.
26) Back up to chest 23, go up the wooden ladder, forward, turn right, past the walrus, is chest 26, which contains the Treasure Tracker.
27) Bounce on the walrus and you can see the next chest to your left.
28) Go across to where the 3 ice cubes are and there is another chest.
29) If you stand to the right of the last ice cube, and face toward the very tall mountain, you will notice it goes between two sets of rocks. Between those rocks, on the left, is a chest.
30) After you go through the vault door, there is a chest to your left.

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