ELDEN RING: How to Play ELDEN RING Online on Linux (Works After 1.03.2 Patch)

This guide will help you play Elden Ring online on any GNU/Linux distro   Use the bleeding edge version of Proton First of all enable Steam Play Enable the “Tools” section in your library. Search “proton”, select “Proton Experimental” and enable the bleeding edge beta. Set Elden Ring’s proton version to Proton Experimental Playing online […]

ELDEN RING: Separate Sprint and Dodge for Controller

Have you ever wanted separated Sprint and Dodge buttons? The desire use (LS Click) for sprint instead, as well as dodging upon PRESSING circle? Maybe Sprint and adjust the camera more comfortably? Look no further! I’ve created controller configurations for both PS4 and PS5 controllers for such a function. I didn’t see anybody else create […]

ELDEN RING: How To Fix Rubber Banding

This the no cap straight forward guide to remove that rubber.   Lag Is ANNOYING So Lets Fix It Rubber banding is a term that’s used to refer to a player’s random or sporadic jerky movement during a multiplayer game if they’re experiencing high latency. – Some guy from stackexchange. ABOUT: The rubber banding from my […]

ELDEN RING: Lichdragon Fortissax Guide for Melee

This is a guide for Lichdragon Fortissax for melee and solo (without summon ashes).   Introduction Lichdragon has fairly low hp compare to his output attack dps. Therefore find his proper dps time is key point and you have to keep move your position depending on the situation. Lightning strikes everywhere and many of his […]

ELDEN RING: How to See Nepheli Loux Naked

By naked I mean that you get to see a repeating texture. Note: this guide is for Educational Purposes only.   Where to stand and using your camera Stand as seen in the picture below when Nepheli Loux comes to your round-table hold after defeating (IRRELEVANT INFO). you’re then going to want to use your mouse […]