Ellisar: All Achievements Guide (All Fishes Locations)

All fish locations and story achievements



It took me around 75 minutes to complete the game and get all achievements.
You may have missed a fish, hopefully this guide will help.


“First time helping a little friend”
Find a goldfish outside home

After leaving your home, enter the little cave:

“Find the Village’s secret”
Find a goldfish in the abandoned Ellisar Village

In the next area, check behind the fence:

“On top of a Jellyfish”
Find a goldfish in the Jellyfish Island

“Going with the flow”
Find a goldfish in the Rusty Tunnel

Check inside the containers:

“Around Shells and Minerals”
Find a goldfish in the Shell Tower

Go the left path when facing the Shell Tower:

“Where the fallen went…”
Find a goldfish in the Whartle Graveyard

When facing the shiny cave, take the path left from it:

“Shiny Goldfish”
Find a goldfish in the Shiny Cave

When in the shiny cave, look up and left side:

“Prepare to swim…”
Find a goldfish in the Mineral Tunnel Village

Look ontop of the arches:

“Put an end to all of this…”
Find a goldfish in the Final Zone

On the main island in the last area, check your left:

Story Achievements

These achievements are not missable:

“Start of your destiny”
Activate the first tower
“Giving back hope”
Revive all of the Mooties inside the Shiny Cave
“Your mom would be proud…”
Activate the last tower

Thanks to Sandorhan for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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