Embracelet Walkthrough (All Achievements & Endings Guide)

Embracelet written walkthrough, ending and achievement guide



The game has 3 endings and you need at least 2 full playthroughs to get all 3.

Friendship + Karoline Ending

When building up relations with Hermod and Karoline, go for a balanced path, favor once Karoline, once Hermod. At the end, you will have two options, that you want Karoline as a friend or you want to see her again. It is important, that first go for the friend option, as this one not going to create new autosave, so you can just reload your game and go for the other option.

Hermod Ending

For this one you need to build up relationship with Hermod and you need to tell to Karoline that you like boys.

Video about missable achievements

If you need some visual help about the missable achievements, here is a short video about all of them (except endings):


Walkthrough part 1

-Actual gameplay start at the Nursing Home. Go to left and talk with your grandpa (decisions during talk isn’t important)
-Enter Nursing Home, use the stairs
-Use the light switch in the room of your grandpa
-Open the bottom drawer, check the photo inside, then pick up the bracelet
-go out, back to your Grandpa, talk with her (decisions during talk isn’t important)
-use your bracelet (left click on it, then left click again when the 2 rings at same spot)

Used The Bracelet
Told you, this thing is magic!

-you will move to the room of your Grandpa with him automatically
-he will ask you to remove the shutters so more light will come into the room through the windows
-switch is not working, use your bracelet on both windows
-your mom will arrive, story progressing

NEW LOCATION: Your home flat

-talk with your mother, ask about going to North
-go back to your room and use the bracelet on your roomdoor
-you will find yourself in a classroom. It is a labyrinth, go to the door, at the door use the bracelet on the chairs
-go through door, interact with the ship
-you wake up in the flat again. Check the note on your roomdoor.
-use the TV and watch it

Time Waster
Wasted time watching TV.
Visual help for this achievement: Video Timestamp: 0:26

-use door to get to Grandpa, talk with him and leave


-talk with your mom, offer help
-try to catch umbrella
-find your mom behind the only building in the area
-talk with your mom then hug her

Crossed the Arctic Circle
Going north!


-talk with captain, answer feeling fine
-talk with captain again once there is a problem with the ship
-interact with the wheel of the ship


-interact with the slot machine next to the store and keep playing it until:

Won the Jackpot
7 Kroner. I’m rich!
Explanation on video: Timestamp: 0:56

-loot up the money then interact with the telefon
-talk with old soldier with dog. Ask about your grandfather
-leave are to north, then to left a bit. At the collapsed old house there is a road which leading down at the bottom of the screen
-talk with Karoline and Hermod will show up too
-at the same area fix the Fish Flakes:
1: Wooden Triangle
2: Thin Plank
3: Long Plank
4: Middle Triangle
5: Side Planks

Fixed the Fish Flakes!
Timestamp on video: 1:39

-go back to collapsed house and keep going to right until you see a Greenhouse
-use bracelet on old tree
-as greenhouse is destroyed an old lady will show up. Offer help to receive a quest to get flowers.
-return to collapsed house and keep heading to the left until you see a barn
-open the barn with your bracelet
-inside use the bracelet on the wheelbarrow twice, second need to be done at the right moment (video)
-now as the wheelbarrow is outside use your bracelet 3 times on the flowers. The flowers are on the roof of the barn.
-once the third flower landed on the wheelbarrow you are moved to the temple automatically

Found flowers for Evelyn
Timestamp on video: 2:55

-move to the other side of the temple and assemble the monument with your bracelet
-check the monument
-head back to the port and talk about the tragedy with the old soldier who is still sitting there with his dog
-leave area to north and go left
-keep heading to left, pass the barn, until the road is missing. Use your bracelet on rock + another rock, then on big rock, continue your adventure to the left
-interact with the whale on the beach
-go north, follow the river, to the old mill
-use bracelet on oil drum, then again
-use bracelet on the arm of the excavator so you can turn it, then use again on arm, bucket and boom so you can hit gasoline barrel with the excavator, this will cause an explosion
-go back to whale and use your bracelet on him/her

I got it back into the sea!

-hit the road again and keep heading to left until you reach Olsen farm
-use bracelet twice on the metal thingy, located inside of the garage/barn
-metal thingy now moved the the house, use bracelet on loft window
-enter the house
-once inside stay upstairs and use bracelet on amplifier
-interact with the record and then use bracelet on the record player
-interact with the record player
-a letter became revealed, character picking it up automatically
-check the bottom drawer for another letter
-leave house
-head back to right, there was a tent and statue (next to the barn) and a road leading to it to the north, now the owner of the tent will be there, Erkin
-talk with him, ask about the scuplture, ask it is an eagle and offer help with finishing the statue
-head back to the Olsen farm. Next to the ocean you will see a bouy, loot it up (you will automatically moved to Erkin)
-talk to Erkin and give buoy
-now go back to the area where you met Karoline and done the Carpenter achievement and loot up the traffic cone (you will automatically moved to Erkin)
-talk to Erkin and give traffic cone

Helped Erkin finish his statue!
Timestamp on video: 3:58

-go back to the village, to the houses. You need the one with the broken satellite and the blue bench front of it
-use the ringbell and talk with the lady, she don’t want to talk with you until electricity is not fixed
-interact with the elecricity transformer at front of the house
-fix it by using valve 4 times and then using the lever

Fixed the power!

-use doorbell again, now you need to fix the antenne
-use bracelet on cloth dryer
-use doorbell again now she will explain a bit about your grandfather

Grandpas Story
Now I know why he left.

-head right a bit then follow the north to the road, there is a house on the left with a ship and Hermod painting it, talk with Hermod
-go to the temple and use your bracelet on the bell. The old guy who is inside of the back area of the temple now comes out, enter the building.

Sneaked into the church.

-inside interact with the old books and search for all available church records
-interact with the box close to the main entrance of the church to see some wine bottles there
-use bracelet on the old lock at the church main entrance
-as you now outside of the church go left to the school
-start to talk with the guy on the ladder, Karoline will show up and if you ready for the island tour select Yes and also Yes for the mountain climbing once talking with both Hermod and Karoline
-follow them to the top of the mountain, there will be a lot of chatting during the tour:
-first ask them both if they like Slepp
-when asked what you think about slepp i answered Pretty, might not have affect to endings
-when asked what you seen already on sleep say you saved a whale
-when close to the top let Karoline or Hermod help you, based on the ending you aiming for

Climbed the peak!

Walkthrough part 2

-once on the top of the mountain look around. You should see 2 rocks in the ocean so inspect the “reefs” and then the ruins at the coastline
-check the Cairn then interact with the stone on the ground
-talk with Hermod and Karoline multiple times, exhaust all dialoge options and stay positive/optimistic
-click “mainland” on the horizont and the “Ship” on the sea and select one of the opinion, and agree with Karoline or Hermod, based on the ending you aiming for
-leave the mountain when you want to leave. Click on “climb down” where you climbed up.
-go back to dock and eavesdrop the conservation between the father of Hermod and the employees of the oil company
-talk with Esmark and Hermod’s Dad who is at the other side of the dock
-go to the house of Hermod
-next to the ship there is a wooden plank, step on it and move from one side to other while trying to stay on it

Good Balance
Walked across the old mast.
Timestamp on Video: 6:03

-go to either Hermod or Karoline to spend time with one of them, based on your ending preferences (to progress story sit next to the selected NPC once you checked everything in the room)
-after the scene with one of them both of them and you will be at the beach and they want to swim in the ocean
-as the protagonist can’t swim so you will be a clothes Rack. Now you need to decide if you want to keep your eyes closed as it was requested or you will check one of them.
-Keep your eyes closed for the achievement, no age restriced game so nothing serious would happen if you go for any other, might will affect ending.

Kept my eyes closed.
Timestamp on video: 6:20

-you are now all at the campfire but none of you have alcohol. As you seen wine before in the temple now go back there fast and pick up one bottle from the box.
-the captain and one crew member of the big oil ship tries to join which will cause some problems. Dont use the bracelet on them (not sure what happens if you do tho)
-in the next scene you is at the dock Hermod and Karoline will enter the ship and they want to sabotage it, however nothing will happen
-use the bracelet on the crane and H&K will be captured
-go close to ship so the guard will come back
-now enter the backside of the ship and try to go to the front of the ship, a bird will fly up and the guard will wake up
-use the bracelet on the Hook(Crane), so the guard will be distracted and you can enter the inferior area of the ship
-inspect the doors, H&K will be behind one and the captain questioning them. Enter the room, no matter which decision you take, outcome is same, you will be captured too.
-outside the captain will throw away the bracelet, try to find it until the protagonist says “I give up”
-try to leave the dock area, the dog of the soldier will show up, he will bring you the bracelet
-follow the dog to the military storage area
-use bracelet on the security camera
-there is a keypad, you need to enter a 4digit code to open the door
-interact with the dog, he will say WOOF multiple time in different sequences, that is the code (1551)
-enter the storage area
-use bracelet on the wheel of the old cannon
-you can move to the top of the containers with the old cannon
-use bracelet on forklift many times so you can get to the passage while getting from one container to another
-once got to the passage follow it to the water then use the bracelen on the button at the suspicious wall
-try to get to the submarine, you will fall down and you will end up in another “nightmare?”, inside a classroom-labyrinth get to the door
-once returned to the submarine, use bracelet on the scaffold
-go to the submarine, use the ladder
-use bracelet on the floodgates
-go to the direction of the hallway
-you will be in a tunnel, go through it. With your bracelet you can create a lightwave offering temporary visiblity.
-once outside go to the ruins. There is one with a door. On one side of the door there is a door handle, use it
-go through the door and talk with the spirit/ghost

NEW LOCATION: Italian City

-go to the second floor of the building, to your wife
-your baby woke up, select the Tickle once, then Rock Cradle option until he will asleep again

Sleep Well
Got Leo to sleep.

-click on the plates and glasses, then select “eat”
-next day look around the city and try to get a job, eventually talk with the military officer and sign up to the army
-once you talked with everyone, head toward the sea/dock: a ship will arrive to the dock
-the captain will ask you to deliver a barrel to the food merchant
-once delivered, an apple will fall down to the ground and rolls away a bit (might happen after interacting with the women at the fruit seller) click on it and select “give apple to the beggar”

Good Heart
Helped the beggar.
Timestamp on video: 6:58

-get back to the captain, he will offer a job to you
-get back to your wife and talk with her


-after the cutscenes you will play again as Jesper and the location is Slepp again
-once stopped talking with the ghost go to the end of pier to throw the bracelet into the ocean
-tell the truth to Hermod and Karoline
-after some cutscene you will be on the board of the oil company ship
-use switch cover then flip switch on the most left seismic cannon
-interact with the cannon and select push the cannon
-Esmerk is at the window of the driving cabin of the ship. Interact with him and provoke

Caused an explosion on Malory.

-go to Esmerk and use the scrap metal
-get back the bracelet from the unconscious Esmerk
-go to the front area of the ship and use bracelet on the life raft container
-give bracelet to Luciano (only choice)

Returned the Bracelet
Luciano can finally return.

-once you are saved from the water by your friends you can decide if you want to save Esmerk or leave behind
-at the campfire talk about friendship
-you still have one chance to build up relationship with Hermod or Karoline at the campfire before leaving the island
-Hermod will accompany you and we got to the endings:

IF you played a balanced ending, speding time with each character etc, then you will have 2 options when talking with Hermod on the ship:


The three leaf clover.

TAKE THIS FIRST, because then this is a game over, no new autosave and by reloading you can go for the Karoline Ending.


-the ship will return, climb the mount again and you will find Karoline there

Karoline Ending
I had to follow my heart.

Second Walkthrough ending: If you built up relationship with Hermod:

Hermod Ending
Hermod and me

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