Emily is Away <3: All Secrets (How to Unlock)

All of the elusive seeecreetts and how to unlock them.



Obviously these aren’t all of the secrets in the game (yet)

If you find any, put them in the comments and I’ll add them to the guide and credit you.


dog‘ – Unlocks the “Can you pet the Dog?” app.

farm‘ – Unlocks the CarrotVille app.

dugg‘ – Unlocks Dugg website.

hype‘ – Unlocks Enhype website.

love‘ – Unlocks A Fuzzier Planet website.

secret‘ – Unlocks P.O. Secrets website.

egn‘ – Unlocks EGN website.


Moody Rain
Progress to Chapter 3 of the story with either Emily or Evelyn. You’ll get a link to the website.It Takes Two (Mustache Mode)
Complete the game twice, once with Emily and once with Evelyn.
Credits to Thankz> Lone.Gunman and Biff

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