Endless Battle Wallpapers

Endless Battle is an Open Unrestricted Combat MOBA Game release on Jan 3, 2019. To get you hyped up for releasing We have put together a collection of some of our favorite Endless Battle Wallpaper. All of the wallpapers are property of their original creator. We have just put together this gallery of wallpapers for you to look through – not created any of them.



Worship the power of the light. Priests are highly respected in the Oracle Empire. They are loyal, symbolizing the light, and called the race closest to the gods. In the hinterland of the kingdom, there are priest schools and shelters reserved especially for them, and they, in return, also serve for the kingdom, guarding the peace of the royal race.



Worship the power of slaughter and have gone through brutal training while confined to the Sword Island. They are warriors in the dark. Although due to the different ideas, they divided into two factions of North and South advocating “Loyalty and Faith” and “Freedom and Truth,” legends about the Sword Island have never stopped.


Worship the power of savage, from the Scorching Desert. They are tall, strong, and combative. For generations, they plow and sow in the barren desert land and acquire the power of prosperity through the mining of Fire Crystals. Such will of resistance has taken root deep in their veins, and they are thus called the “Undead Beasts.



Worship the power of elements. Desperate Jungle is the gathering place of the mysterious Sorcerers, filled by all kinds of traps and mists. Outsiders can find it hard to break through, and may easily fall into fatal crises. However, once they enter the world of Sorcerers, they will discover the heaven of magic.



Worship the power of the light. The major function of Knights is to protect the royal members of the Oracle Kingdom. Every five years, the royal family will select and train up to five most talented children from nobles. They will serve for God of Light and are the sword of the royal family, the loyal servants, and also the well-respected guardian.


Endless Battle is a game that sounds effects are identical to WOW and Heroes of Storm even. you should have a try.

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