Endling 100% Walkthrough (Hints & Checklist)

Spoiler-free hints/checklist if you want to get all achievements in one walkthrough and a video walkthrough with timestamps.


SpoilerFree Hints about Perfection in 1 Walkthrough

Backup your save file

Game saves manually, you might want to back it up so you dont need to restart from scratch if you still missed something. You can find your savefiles (on windows) at your main partition, usually C, so C -> Users – > Username (unique to your name what you given to your PC) -> AppData -> Local -> Endling

Just copy the Saved folder to somewhere to save your progress for various days.


You need to get all achievements in ONE single run. If you missed something, and need to replay the game, then you still need to fulfill the requirements for every single achievement. If you died during a day, don’t forget to pick up everything again, which count for achievements!


If you see a yellow question mark on the map, then there is an event there, some unique and required for achievements, so go there for investigations, some will be available on a single night only.

Purple Scent

On specific days you will see a purple scent. On these days make sure you follow this, and unlock all 3 memories on these days.

A Barking Fox doesn’t Bite

I talked about events already, but this achievement might be not clear for everyone, as unlike when you let the Scavanger or Molly to pet you, you will see the button what you should push. During this event you won’t be notified about any possible interaction, you need to bark to trigger it.


You can check your progress in your save files. Find the progressiondata.sav file, and open it with a simple notepad. Now CTRL+F to find in it and find for the key “hasEaten” and go through the results. Only food types shows up there, what your cubs already consumed, the missing foods wont be listed there.

Go for “Don’t feed your cubs trash for six days in a row” and “Do not kill any animal (fish, mouse, rabbit, pigeon, chicken) for five days” at the very beginning of the game. During the first 3 nights you need to deliver to your cubs only one food, they will consume less, so less forced to pick up anything. Rivers will be polluted already for 6th night, fishes will be gone, but you will be still able to get one in the lake where i picked one on the video, but you also can get one more fish at the badgers first location. Once she moves on, the fish could be picked up there.

Pick up the deer meat on your first night!!!

There are unique foods you can collect only once at a specific locations, like the Stickbar and the Lunchbox, and the Lunchbox tied to an event, so just as missable as the deer meat.

Video Walkthrough with Timestamps

0:00 Intro – Barking in the Rain and Home Sweet Home
5:00 Omnivore 1/16 Deer Meat
6:27 Omnivore 2/16 Berry
7:40 Omnivore 3/16 Apple
12:55 Peaceful Instict – do not hunt animals in 5 consecutive days
20:15 Omnivore 4/16 Mouse
21:15 Detox Diet for not eating trash in 6 consecutive days and Tasty
25:10 Omnivore 5/16 Fish
29:55 Omnivore 6/16 Trash
33:05 A Friend in Need
34:16 For a better Tomorrow 1/6 Dig Skill and Omnivore 7/16 Worm
41:05 Lullaby
43:20 For a better Tomorrow 2/6 Squeeze Through skill
45:50 Omnivore 8/16 Mushroom
46:58 Never Give Up and Surviving
57:10 Omnivore 9/16 Egg
59:35 For a better Tomorrow 3/6 Climb Skill
1:10:18 You can pet the fox
1:14:30 Omnivore 10/16 Rabbit
1:17:10 Maternity and Omnivore 11/16 Can
1:22:50 Mother Love – Pet your cubs for 5 consecutive days
1:29:55 A Barking Fox doesn’t Bite
1:30:55 Chicken Dinner and Omnivore 12/16 Chicken
1:33:15 Omnivore 13/16 Lunchbox ??? Guess, during an event cubs eating something, and I guess this should be the lunchbox
1:39:30 For a better Tomorrow 4/6 Hunt Skill
1:40:25 Never Let Down and Hard Fox Live
1:46:30 For a better Tomorrow 5/6 Disarm Trap Skill
1:49:35 For a better Tomorrow 6/6 Dangle Skill
1:51:27 Omnivore 14/16 Pigeon and 15/16 Chips
1:53:50 Easter Egg
2:03:18 Omnivore 16/16 Stickbar
2:08:30 Never Run Around and Family Reunion and Beyond Words
2:25:20 Progressing Toward to the Ending
2:31:45 Ending and Endling and 5 ending related achievements

Thanks to Csontzuzo for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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