Endzone – A World Apart: Agriculture Guide

Agricultural Plot placement and crop yield comparison.



The largest single plot area is 16 x 16 sq. units, a single side is limited to only 16 squares.So I used the maximum 16 sq. side geometry to fit in the Irrigation Plant and multiple plot sizes inside a 39 x 39 plot template (internal and exterior roads included).

Plot Template

Please see this Google Sheets document for detailed dimensions and placement of plots, as well as the comparison of all available plants.

Google Sheets[docs.google.com]

The plot layout is designed to place the Irrigation Plant in the middle and surrounded by eight sub-plots for farming. The eight sub-plots can be divided into two groups (Small 8×16 and Large 12×16).


Cultivated Field

Part 1 – Early Game

Create the plot layout using Cultivated Field. Plant all Bell Peppers, and assign 8 Farmers in total. You may add the Irrigation Plant later in the middle of the template as soon as you have enough resources and stable water reserves.Bell Peppers are the fastest growing crop in the game as it only needs 0.4 Season to harvest. This will give you a max yield of 2,560 crops per harvest or 6,400 per season.

*Check Google Sheets for computation reference*

Part 2 – Mid to Late Game

Your first plot template should already have an Irrigation Plant.Now you could create your second plot template. Now use Orchard instead of Cultivated Field, plant Pears in the four Large Plots and Pecans in the four Small Plots. Assign the corresponding 8 farmers. If your food supply is stable, you may replace all orchard plots to Pecans as required. Pecans have the highest yield in the game, well next to Bell Peppers but you have to plant them every after harvest. Pecans and other plants in the Orchard last from 4 to 8 crop cycles depending on certain conditions.

Replace the Small Plots with Wheat, this will be used for brewing Beer.

Your water and food supplies should stay well above 10,000 (~20,000 should make you feel much safer) for a population of 80.

Gameplay Tips

Build adequate number of warehouses to store your crops, also have enough Markets with at least 1 Logistician assigned per Market.

Monitor the radiation levels especially the area with direct contact with the Irrigation Plant, turn it off when the Radiation Levels are rising. Use your workers to scrub off the radiation in your farms accordingly (assuming you have enough supply of radiation protection for your workers).


Will try to upload better pics and videos if I could reach home after this pandemic season. As I am only playing with a low-spec laptop at the moment.

Season 399

I think could be higher as I fell asleep around mid Season 300’s and was left for idle at 3x speed. Woke up and saw that all my settlers have died and there was a game error.


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