Endzone A World Apart: Tips for New Players

Endzone: A World Apart is an upcoming city-builder set in a grim post-apocalypse. Here are some tips for new players. if you have any problems. please let me know.


Water Collection
Build your Cistern next to the Jetty, like right next to it.

Food Collection
Plant a couple of Orchard and Crops as soon as you start. Choose something like the Bell Peppers that grow quick in your Crops. Maybe with something that takes a little longer in another Field.

By the time your starting food runs low, these should be ready.

Resource Collection
Don’t worry about scrapyards, foresty huts, gatherers huts, etc. at the start. Just use the task placement flags and keep 4-5 settlers as just settlers. It takes a bit of micromanagement but you just need to keep track of what you have and what you need.

Build these as soon as you get your food/water flowing in. just one or two and do plastic and cloth.

Now what?
Once you have your food/water coming in, start processing plastic to build a rain collector or two. then straight onto making protective gear and tools from scrap.

Ensure you have heaps of food, like too much, once you have 2-3 Orchards and 2-3 Fields you should be maxing out your food stockpiles. Stockpiling food and water is the top priority. Next is herbs and then scrap and wood.

By Flashback

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