Equinoxe Walkthrough & Achievement Guide

Full video playthrough and written guide for all the achievements.



Equinoxe is a 3d person puzzle game which uses a unique mechanic of splitting the screen (aka a mirrored view). It generally takes about 30 mins to complete a playthrough and has 10 achievements to unlock.

Note: Currently the contemplation achievements are bugged.


0:00 Title
1:04 Puzzle 1
1:44 Puzzle 2
2:24 Puzzle 3
3:00 Contemplation 1
3:30 Puzzle 4
3:56 Puzzle 5
5:36 Puzzle 6
6:24 Puzzle 7
8:08 Puzzle 8
10:12 Puzzle 9
12:18 Puzzle 10
14:00 Contemplation 2
15:20 Contemplation 3
15:50 Remnants of the past
16:45 Puzzle 11
18:14 Puzzle 12
20:12 Puzzle 13
22:45 Ending
24:15 Credits


Work in progress…

Story based achievements

The following achievements will be unlocked as you progress through the game.

Solve puzzle 01 – The beginning
Solve puzzle 02 – The enigmatic cave
Solve puzzle 03 – Dawn of journey
Solve puzzle 04 – Challenge yourself
Solve puzzle 05 – The right way
Solve puzzle 06 – Meet the other world
Solve puzzle 07 – Unexpected ride
Solve puzzle 08 – Protector of the lake
Solve puzzle 09 – Equinoxe’s caretaker
Solve every puzzle in Equinoxe – Conflict resolver


Save the world of equinoxe

Unlocked by completing the game.

Thank you !

Make a tribute to the makers of the game and watch the credits

Unlocked if you watch the credits. Note this unlocks as soon as you start watching them so, you can simply quit out if you feel you must 🙂

Remnants of the past

Find the hidden mural

Use the video above for the location and timestamp. You simply need to stand in front of mural for it to unlock.

Splash splash

Casually splash in the pond

As you make your way to puzzle 8 in the video, you’ll see a small section of water surrounding one of the pedestals. Simply walk inside it to get your feet wet and the achievement should unlock.

This is no companion

Leave it here already !

Nice little nod to the game Portal 🙂 As you’d expect, simply walk through a portal while holding one of the objects.

A peacefull mind

Find and use every contemplation points

Note: At the time of writing the following achievements are bugged, you’ll either get them as intended or not at all. For myself I got “enjoyer” and “fan” but not “novice” and therefore I couldn’t get this one as it requires you to get all three.

Contemplation novice – Find and use contemplation point 01
Contemplation enjoyer – Find and use contemplation point 02
Contemplation fan – Find and use contemplation point 03

Thanks to shezzor for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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