Ergastulum: Keyboard Controls Guide

Ergastulum is a first-person fantasy horror adventure game that blends a mix of Asian and Western folklore to create a terrifying vision that will test a player’s faith to the extremes.  here is the basic controls for you with The Crucifix.


Mouse & Keyboard
WASD / Arrow Keys – Movement
Space – Jump
Shift – Sprint (in dungeons)
Control – Crouch
Q / E – Lean left or right
C – Use Candle
X – Use Crucifix
F – Throw Candle (hold for more power)
TAB – Inventory / Journal
Esc – Quit

The Crucifix
The Crucifix is your main source of Light in the game. However, this is powered by your level of Faith and this is consumed over time when your start to lose Faith. This is represented in the game by the orange Crucifix in the top-left corner.

Your level of Faith is affected by many things in the game. For example, losing stamina, hiding for long periods of time or staying in the shadows all have an impact on your Faith.

To regain faith, you must stay in well lit areas or prevent yourself from seeing too many horrific things within the game.

In addition to the level of Faith displayed in the top-left, the outer glow of the Crucifix icon indicates how much you are in the light or shadow. Use this to your advantage.

Credit to K Monkey

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